How can I make my shawl longer?

Im knitting a Shawl. I would like to make it longer so I can wrap it around my neck.
But, it seems getting bigger and wider instead of longer.

Pattern Row 1 (WS): sl1 wyif, k to marker, sm, sl1 wyif, sm, k to end.
Pattern Row 2 (RS): sl1 wyif, kfb, k to 2 stitches before marker, kfb, k1, sm, k1, sm, kfb, k to 3 sts before end of row, kfb, k2. (4 sts increased)
Repeat Rows 1 & 2

Please help. Thank you.

What is the name of your pattern and the designer?
About how many rows have you knit? It seems to me that you want the two arms of the shawl to be wider so that the base of the triangle will become wide enough to wrap around your neck. Knowing the pattern name may help us.

Its the Mendenhall shawl by Stix chic. I have knitted 60 rows already and it seems the arms of the shawl is too short and the front (tip of the triangle) is too long.

Thank you.

This project gives you an idea of the overall shape of the finished triangle.
You could try adding an extra increase maybe every other Row 2 to the increases at the very beginning and end of the shawl. Maybe put in a lifeline in case you don’t like the line of the new shape and want to rip back. A kfbf would work or any other increase you’d like to work in addition to the patterns kfb.

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Thank you so much @salmonmac for your great advise. :blush:

If you decide to give the extra increases a try, let us know how it goes.

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I will let you know. Thank you. Have a great day.:blush:

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Thank you! @YarnPlease.
Im almost finished knitting my Shawl but still not very happy with my work. Its not long enough and its too bulky around my neck.

I will try this pattern.

I think the problem might be that you want to make a scarf from a shawl pattern. For a triangle shape to wrap around your neck I think you might want to increase at the ends only. Maybe something like this would be more to your liking.

Maybe a crescent shape would interest you.

Scarf patterns are usually adaptable to any weight yarn so if you find one you like for a different yarn weight be sure to ask about changing the yarn.

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Lovely patterns. Thank you @GrumpyGramma
for sharing these patterns.
Im going to try the Vanilla Pattern. :blush:

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There’s a few shawl patterns I’ve made that you might like and you can make them longer easily because they are knit asymmetrically. Simple slip stitch cables. This might have the length you want. My cousin in Paris has the one I made and she wears it as a scarf. - This is one of my favourites. I’ve made it twice and the unique stitches are lovely - My happy place. I’m just finishing my third. Simple mosaic repeat and garter.

I tend to add mods to most of my shawls to make them bigger adding sections. If you would like to see my projects you can see what I mean.
The thing to remember is a shawl pattern is not set in stone and you just need to make it work for you.

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Thank you @YarnPlease.
Beautiful Shawl patterns. I love the first one. :blush:

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It’s free on her website. It was an easy slip stitch cable. I’m sure I’ll probably make it again at some point. I think it has the shape and length you are looking for, if you want a shawl that you wear as a scarf.

When you read the notes on other peoples projects they said they used over a skein of the main colour and about half a skein of the second colour. I only had 2 skeins, so if you weigh your yarn at the start when you have 50% of your main colour left you can switch them. I liked the look and it and it worked out perfectly I used almost exactly 2 skeins.

Something else I always add to my shawls is an i-cord finish. To make it stand out nicely all you have to do is cut your yarn, then move all your stitches down to the other end of the needle. Rejoin the yarn (in whatever colour you want your i-cord in) at the opposite end, and purl a row, then CO 3 stitches and i-cord as usual.
I’ve done i-cord finishes with and without the purl row first but much prefer the look with a purl row first.

I was browsing something else but saw these and thought of you. Triangle scarf, some free some for sale. I see you have had other patterns suggested too but who doesn’t like to look at more patterns?


Thank you so much! @Creations These Shawl patterns are endless. Love it! :blush:

I feel like everyone I know is knitting Sophie shawls or scarves. It’s quite easy, very relaxing knit, and easy to adjust length/width by doing more/fewer increases.