How can I knit a hat in the round if the pattern calls for a seam?

Hello! I’m new, very new and this is my first post. Let me say that after looking around this site that it’s wonderful!! I wish I had found it sooner.
I’m knitting a scarf with beads (very fun) and I want to make the matching hat but the pattern is to make the hat and then sew it together at the back. Can anyone tell me if I can change the pattern to knit it in the round? I have knitted hats before and found I would much rather knit on 5 dblpt needles than putting a seam up the back. Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA

Yes, you can.

It would be helpful to post a link to the pattern if you can, but basically you knit the right side rows as written, but you have to reverse the order and stitches of the wrong side rows.–knit instead of purl, purl instead of knit, and start the stitches at the end of the directions.

Yes, you can knit it in the round. Some people will say to leave off 2 of the sts to account for the seam you don’t have, but I don’t think it would make much difference. Especially if you have a stitch pattern that might need those 2 sts in it.

Yes, and it’s easy! Especially if your hat is in stockinette stitch. Is it? Because you will not be making a seam, right off the bat you can subtract 2 stitches from your cast on amount (assuming the hat is knit from the bottom up). The two stitches subtracted are one on each edge; these would be the seaming stitches and if in the round, are not necessary.

If you’re working in stockinette stitch, you will knit every stitch of every round. Easy. If you’re working in some other stitch pattern there may be a bit more figuring out to do. Because you will be working no wrong side rows in the round, the pattern’s wrong side rows will need to be reversed. Knits become purls, purls become knits, AND because every round begins technically at the beginning of a right side row, the direction of the wrong side rows in the pattern will need to be reversed (meaning read the wrong side row instructions from end to beginning vs. beginning to end as you would usually do.)

So all that to say, if your in stockinette it’s knit every stitch of every round, and if your stitch pattern is more complicated and you need more help figuring it out, post back!

Good luck!!

Oh thank you for all the quick responses. I got the pattern out of a wonderful book called “Easy Knitted Accessories” by Jeanette Trotman. The “pattern” is actually a chart. I guess it’s a chart because there are beads throughout. The key on the chart is:
k on rs, p on ws
P on rs, k on ws
and YF
Since I’m almost done with the scarf I pretty much have the pattern down. So, are you saying where I would usually turn and start reading the chart from left to right I should just read it from right to left on each row and just think of the row I would usually read from left to right as the ws? I hope I don’t sound as stupid as I think this does. I could always give it a try and worst thing that could happen is I start over…who hasn’t done that?LOL
And I just want to say that all the ws rows are pearl.

Yes, on the chart reading from right to left on all rows. A chart is a `map’ of your knitting as you look at it from the RS. So that makes it easier.

If the right side rows are charted, and the ws rows are purled, then you just follow the right side rows from right to left, and knit the ws rows.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It all makes sense now, I can’t wait to try it!:muah:[/FONT]

I love that moment of OH YEAH, NOW it makes sense
ain’t it fun?