How can I join panels of an afghan for a smooth seam?

Hello everyone

I finally finished the 4th long panel for an afghan, which consists of 20 blocks, 5 in a column knitted as one panel, expanded into 4 panels. I’m using double strands of Plymouth Encore. Each panel has garter stitch along the side, 3 stitches wide, and the top and bottom of each block (and panel) has 6 rows of garter stitch.

How do I join the panels together and get almost no “bump” along the seam?

Some blocks aren’t the same size as others, because I either didn’t get the same measurements for each one. Each panel has a different texture or knitting pattern, and some ended up looser than others.

How do I join these together and get the illusion that the blocks are the same size? I have no idea how to “ease in” the edges so the blocks match without possibly getting a hole.

This is my first really big project after a zillion scarves and hats. I know it will be beautiful when it’s finished, but I still have to tackle the seams and the fringe, and doing something with the loose ends where I joined the yarns at the ends of rows (with a knot). Any suggestions for this would be welcome too.


Check out the edge to edge seam for the afghan. As for easing in, I think you’ll really have to work that as you go.

Edge-to-edge seam


Thanks, Ingrid, Queen of Knitting!