How can I find a pattern for a sweater I like?

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to duplicate a knit sweater picture into an actual pattern? There are these two sweaters that I found online that I absolutely adore/want but the place wants $93.00 and $158.00 for them :waah:

I’ve been searching online trying to find a similar sweater/pattern but can’t find one. I’ve been to some stores that carry knitting pattern books- can’t find the same pattern there nor a similar one either. I don’t know what to do. Anyone have any suggestions?

I hope someone here has suggestions/can help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you post a picture? Someone might know of something similar.

I just picked up “Cardigans” by L.Harding from the library. It has some cute sweaters. Although I haven’t made anything from the book.

Hi Abby,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I’m new to this site and new to knitting but my mom knows how to knit. I would like to learn though.
Yes, I will try to post both sweater pictures right now.
I hope your sweaters turn out well :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Here’s the pictures of both sweaters :)- (hope this works) said I had to post two posts first.

Yeah, it worked! :slight_smile:

Are you an advanced knitter? I think both of those might take some knitting skill. I don’t know of any exactly like that, but cowl neck short sleeves shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’ll look around and post tomorrow.

Check this book-

If your mother is good at adjusting patterns, or she has a friend who can help her, what you’re looking for is a combination of 2 sweaters in the book Jan suggested. The 2 are “Romy” and “Frances”. Here’s where the price issue comes in. Ironically, if you were to buy the yarns suggested, you would spend probably in the range of the prices of the sweaters you’ve seen and liked. BUT-- that’s if you use the yarns suggested. The Romy needs a worsted weight and the Frances needs a DK weight (these weights refer to the thickness of the yarn-- the worsted is slightly thicker than the DK). If you can wear wool, the best alternative is Knitpicks, something like their Swish, and it would be less than half the price of the originally suggested yarn. Go to and in their yarn tabs, look up yarn by weight-- which will be “DK” and “Worsted”. If you can’t wear wool, the best alternative is an acrylic yarn by a company called Berroco, a yarn by them called Comfort. Their yarns will be less than a third of what you would pay for the originally suggested yarn! For that, go to, the yarn list by company is right on their home page. Click on “Berroco”, and then go to “Comfort Yarn” and “Comfort DK”.

Jan and imrachel- Thank you both for your help and links :slight_smile:

Jan- I actually don’t know how to knit at all!
I would like to learn though.
My mom hasn’t knitted in quite some years now but she did knit sweaters way before I was thought of and when I was a child for family and such.

imrachel- I don’t think my mom knows hows to adjust patterns- she told me she would make these patterns if she knew how. I don’t know anyone who knows how to knit besides my mom. I’ve asked my mom if she knows anyone here in AZ who knits/could perhaps make a pattern but she said she doesn’t.

How do you go about making a pattern?

Is there a way that I could somehow find someone who could make both of these patterns for me? I would be willing to pay them.

It would probably be cheaper to buy the original sweaters than pay someone to make them. Even if they used reasonably priced yarn, it takes quite a few hours to knit something like this.

HOURS?! I’d say more like weeks:zombie: :rofl: . So here are my ideas. . .

What is it that you like about the sweaters? It seems that both have these huge cowl necks, a horizontal cable across the bust, and short sleeves, and pattern in the apron. Which aspects would you be willing to give up? The issue is that the 2 patterns in the book Jan recommended each have elements of the design. The Romy is a lot of horizontal cables, and the Frances is much more like the original sweaters, but without that cabled feature. Since your mother is not used to designing and/or making patterns, it means that you would need to either go with one of those sweaters, or find one more exactly a match. The problem is that I don’t know how to do that. Jan is pretty magical at finding things, and I don’t know how she does it! I wouldn’t know how to search the main free pattern sites, which are garn studios and for those specifics. There is also a free site, but you have to sign up, called If you look on there and search through the patterns, with whatever key words (cowl? short sleeves? cable?) you might find something. Another great site is, but again, you’re talking about searching through a lot of patterns and coming up with the right key words. The other option is that you learn how to knit! It’s kind of crazy to start on the Debbie Bliss Frances pattern, but what the heck! You’d learn just about everything to know about knitting (except multi-colour work) in one shot.

The length of time doesn’t matter. I would think people who enjoy knitting wouldn’t care how long a sweater, blanket ect… takes to make anyway.
My mom doesn’t think it would very long to make she just needs the pattern to do so.


I like everything about these two sweaters- the style, the design, the cowl neck- like it is, the cables- just EVERYTHING! I really don’t want to have to change any of it :frowning:
I will look up those sites that you gave.
Thanks again.

They don’t mind knitting something for themselves for hours (and by that I meant 2-6 weeks on the calendar), but to do it for someone they’re not related to, they would probably want to be compensated. Knitters have their own projects in mind from now until they run out of yarn (which is usually never), and you can’t just expect them to knit something for you without charging for their time. That’s what I meant by the cost of the item being cheaper to buy; there’s far more involved than just the yarn.

I wouldn’t ask someone that I didn’t know to knit something for me.
I meant if someone could just make those sweater patterns out for me that would be awesome and yes I would pay them.

Honestly, I love to knit. I wouldn’t mind knitting for someone I didn’t know. It’s pretty much like knitting for charity. I think I would draw the line at paying for the yarn, needles or anything else needed. I look at it as a chance to try new things.

ETA: Also, I know I don’t know anyone that would wear this so otherwise I wouldn’t get to try it…lol.

Cool :thumbsup:
You don’t know anyone who would wear those two sweater pictures that I posted? I certainly would!!

Well I don’t like short sleeves or the neck and I don’t really know a lot of people my age…most of them are older and like loser clothing. But it does look really fun to knit.

I can’t find a pattern for it- that’s the problem.

What I do is do a search on Ravelry filtering it so it shows me only the free patterns. OR, you can find this pattern there and use the new pattern recommendation feature when you find a pattern you like. It’s on the bottom right of the pattern pages.

Since you’re just starting you should know this is definitely an intermediate to advanced pattern, [B][I][U][COLOR=“Red”]BUT[/COLOR][/U][/I][/B] don’t let that stop you. I always say be fearless and you’ll advance quickly! Don’t be afraid to try one if you like it.

You can learn to knit right here at KH! Look at the videos. They show you EVERYTHING! One of the members here, Evan P a.k.a. Etoilechaud (probably spelled wrong), taught himself to knit by watching videos. He’s a very good (and prolific) knitter! Another good site is YouTube has videos on learning to knit too.

I recently taught my daughter how to knit, but she couldn’t remember how to cast on, and she lives out of town from me. So, she looked it up on YouTube, and taught herself how to cast on. The best thing to remember about learning to knit, is that it’s supposed to be fun/relaxing. If you’re stressing, put it down for awhile. Good Luck!