How can i do this increas?

hi …

i am looking at a knee length pants pattern . I did not understand the underlined words

Cast on 42-52 (62-70) sts on double pointed needles size 2.5 mm / US 1.5 with red and work hem. Change to double pointed needles size 3 mm / US 2.5 and work stockinette st,[U] and at the same time inc 34-34 (34-36) sts evenly on 1st round[/U] = 76-86 (96-106) sts "

How can I increase the 34 stitch ???


How many sts are you casting on?
You can use a knit front and back here. There are knitting increase calculators available like this one to help figure out where to make the increases if you need that.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

( I am sorry to delete the pattern because I remembered some laws )

Thanks, that’s very cute.
If you plug in the numbers for the cast on of 42 sts, for example, into the calculator I linked to, it gives:
(M1, k2) x4, (M1, K1) x25, (M1, k2) x 4, M1, k1.
That’s a balanced increase either side of center but it’ll work fine for this knit in the round. Note that the increase above is made by picking up the bar between sts, not by a kfb which uses a stitch.

Does it mean that I increase at once in a single round or be increased during the next lines ???

Increase over a single round.

Thank you very much …