How can i add rows to a bottom up garter stitch panel with a 3 st built in i-cord edging?

I am knitting an EZ garter stitch suspender cardigan which has a panel at the front which goes up one side of the front across the top to include a collar, picking up stitches from the back panel, and then down the other front panel from top to bottom. these panels include a built in i-cord which forms a binding edge and buttonholes. Unfortunately i didn’t knit the same amount of rows on the front panels as the back and ended up 16 rows short on each front panel. It was not a problem to correct one panel as it was the cast off edge but the other of course is a cast on edge and this is the problem. I have looked on the internet and seen that the stitches can be cut above the cast on and picked up and then knitted from hem down but it affects the pattern and how do I do the i-cord. Is anyone familiar with this pattern and can help?

This is a tutorial for cutting and reknitting. it’ll work even with the I-cord although you may have to add in a stitch to the I-cord. I’ve done this before with stockinette and been very pleased with the outcome.

thank you its been a great help. I’ve managed to get it looking good on a test piece and had to change ends when recommencing to get garter stitch valleys and ridges matching up but have stumbled with the i-cord edging it has now reversed itself and it back to front. When you say add an extra stitch does that mean that it is now a four stitch i-cord instead of three? The sequence appears to still be the same but it doesn’t look right with three stitches.

I think the problem is that you’re really picking up loops between sts rather than actual sts (this is just the nature of the knit stitch, not anything that you’re doing). If you can work the I cord on 4 sts and it looks more like the other side, then go ahead. If it becomes a problem, maybe knitting the I-cord separately and stitching it on would work?

Thank you so much for your help. Yes the hints and tips have worked and the panel looks good. To the experienced eye the alteration could be detected but hey who cares? I can’t believe I am on the road to completing the cardigan again. I will try and mail a photo when completed. I did add an extra stitch to make a four stitch I-cord edge which I think has improved the look.

Terrific! I’m looking forward to seeing the photo.

After a short break…of three months I have now finally completed the EZ sweater with help of salmonmac and have been wearing it for at least the last month (on and off of course). I am delighted with the style and sizing and my only regret is that i used a wool and acrylic mix which is bobbling fast. or rather pilling.

Would send a photo but don’t know how. Thanks anyway. :yay: