How am I suppose to do this?

I am new to loom knitting and I am trying to do a scarf. It is an easy pattern and I am having trouble. I am trying to make the Camden Scarf. Row 10-Wrap all 12 pegs in the row 5 times each, knit each st.

Can someone please explain this to me, I have tried (I feel) everything but it is not right.
Do I wrap 1 peg 5 times and then move to the next? Or wrap 1 peg 1 time then move to the next? Then do I knit all 5 stitches on the peg or one at a time moving from peg to peg? Please help I will be grateful. Lisa

I don’t knit on looms, but I know in some patterns, if you look at what you’re supposed to do on the next row, it can help. If it says something like ‘drop the extra wraps on each stitch’ that’s a big clue on what to do this row. Or whatever it says, it could help you make sense.

Thank You for the reply. The next row is purl.

I found it on ravelry I think -, it’s loom knit. It also looks as though you drop the extra loops off to get the elongated stitches.

I think you might find your answer here. Just scroll down to [I]comments[/I].


Fortunately, the one project on Ravelry has copious notes. The pegs are wrapped individually and then the wraps are dropped (giving the elongated stitch) and the original stitch is knit.