How about this idea

I am going on a 4.5 hour bus trip with a friend. She knows I knit and asked me to teach her. Well, I am not the one to teach knitting to anyone. But…how about if I just show her how to do a garter stitch and we could make simple dishcloths with Peaches and Cream?
I guess I don’t know what size needle would be better for her to start on, and should it be a circular of straight.
I would like it to be fun, no hassels. If she enjoys that I could send her to a teacher for further lessons.:knitting:

Should I do it, or leave showing her knitting to someone else?

She seems to feel comfortable with you and you have a good idea of what to start her knitting. Just go for it. Start her with whatever needle size you would use to make the dishcloth and whatever needle (straight or circular) you are comfortable using.

I think it is a good idea…I am teaching my girl guides a small purse type item in two weeks (I will let you know how it goes!)

I don’t think I am the best of teachers…but if I can get them to cast on and knit, it will be a good start…they can take it from there!

i think it’s a good idea to try to teach her but i wouldn’t start with peaches and cream. i find it somewhat hard to work with.

when I teach people how to knit, i ask them which pen do they like to write with Dr Pilot or an old fashioned bic? depending on that answer is the needle size I recommend. I then get them bamboo because its flexible and won’t cramp their hands in the size of the pen they like. and i tend to get a smooth yarn that is easy to work with and easily frogged.

good luck. I’m sure you two will have a bunch of fun and now you will have a knitting buddy!! :yay: :yay:

definately teach her to knit…she will always remember you for it.
I think think an 11 needle seems to be right in the middle…she will be able to see her stitches easily and it will go quickly.
have fun!!:knitting:

I agree with knitnj; size 11 are perfect for a beginner. Also, I’d use plain old straight needles and not circulars, because circulars can be somewhat confusing and scary to a new knitter. I would also suggest a really fun and cheap yarn from your local yarn shop. I have a couple peaches and cream, but for the life of me, I just don’t like the feel of it.

All in all, I hope you two have fun =)

The first project I finished was with Peaches & Cream. It wasn’t the easiest thing to work with but it’s great for washrags.

I would go with circulars for bus-knitting. Someone learning is going to drop a needle quite a bit - with circs it won’t go rolling around the floor of the bus.

I second the nomination for the circular needles for beginners. Especially in this case to prevent a dropped and subsequently probably lost needle in a bus.

I’d also start with acrylic yarn as it takes a lot of abuse before starting to look awful and is not a big investment if knitting isn’t her thing.

I’m going to ‘third’ the circular needle idea, for the same reasons already mentioned. :slight_smile:

And I’m going to fourth the idea of circulars. When I was taught to knit it was on circulars and a chunky weight yarn so I could see my progress quickly and identify the stitches easily. I found circulars easier to hold onto then straight needes with less chance of dropping stitches. That’s just my experience. :knitting:

I started on 7’s and 9’s. I recently used size 5’s and I thought I was going to cry! Eventually I overcame my loathing of the smaller sizes and now use them happily. I don’t know whether a beginner would be intimidated by stitches that are tiny though!

On another note… I am taking the Amtrak to DC again and using my straights. I do prefer circulars on a bus!