How About a Summer Top KAL?

I changed my mind, I’m now doing this one…from pg 5

I saw this, and thought it would be a quick knit and fun to have for the summer…of course my temps in S. TX are already around 80, so I’m a little late, but for most of you it might be just in time. :smiley:

It’s the Latoya from Berroco (free pattern)

I’m not sure I LOVE this one. I like the detail at upper left chest but the uneven wonky hem looks like a knitting mistake!

I’d consider others, if you know of any. I personally want thick straps so bra straps don’t show through.

i will join too! although, i am with you on the uneven hem thing. i don’t mind the detail at the top being off center, i think it looks pretty, but stuff that looks off like that bothers me. i will look around and see what i can find. :out:

You could always adapt the lower part and knit it straight.

I actually like the asymmetrical hemline…and I don’t usually like the uneven style of knitting that VOGUE is plastering all over the place.

I think the asymmetrical hemline takes the eye away from the details on the ‘chest’ enough to make the whole thing look rather balanced.

The more I have looked at it, the more it has grown on me, but it doesn’t come big enough for me. Isn’t that how it usually happens? :shrug:

I actually have started this, and have finished the back. I’m now working on the front. The asymetrical detailing at the bottom took a few reads to understand, but I think I’ve got it. I’m about 3 inches up on the front. So, let’s get knitting people!!!:cheering::happydance:

I don’t want to step on any toes, :poke:but here is the summer I just started on. If anyone want to do that one?

There’s a couple ways to make it larger – one is to knit the largest size on larger needles.

The other way is to look at the pattern and figure how the sizes run. The difference in stitches between sizes is 8-10, the exact number has to work with the rib and cable stitch pattern. So to go up 1 size from the largest, CO 115, work the first row as - Knit 35, pm, work R 1 of rib pat over 45 sts, knit to end. The rib pattern is centered in the back. Then follow the pattern all the way up including the shaping nstructions. Keep 8 or 10 sts for the straps and BO the rest of them along the neckline. Do the same for the front, adjusting the number of stitches along the side panels for a larger size.


Carla, that’s a pretty one! How far are you?

It isn’t a free pattern, but I’m going to start ChicKami soon. The pattern comes with several variations - skinny or wide straps, shaping or no shaping. And I love that it is knit in the round.

Lyndalm, I have only done about 4 in. of the back. I am kniting it with yellow (Buttercup)Microspun yarn. So far I love the yarn and the pattern.

I have not had time to knit that much. I’m in a “spring cleaning mode” right now. Better to it while I have time. My son just graduated from HS. So he is home helping me. then this summer I will be doing Art camps, plus vacation. Then a Full tummy tuck. Where I am hoping to do a lot of knitting…=)

Kristinw… I like that pattern, I book mark it to maybe make later.

thanks for this. i actually would need to make it two sizes bigger. i am a very busty gal. :oops::teehee: so, i will just find something else. it is no big deal. looking now. i will let you know what i find. :muah:

hey all! mind if i join you?:oo:
i tried starting a knit along for this tank top
but didn’t have any takers, :pout: so i thought i’d join you instead.
i like having people to check in with on my projects so i finish them!

i ordered some KP shine for it in hydrangea and orchid. should be here on wednesday or thursday. :thumbsup:

Ooooohhh, a KAL for Latoya! :inlove: When I first saw that in their weekly email I fell in love. I really want to join you all, but I have a couple of things I need to finish first. Will you all still be here in a couple of weeks? Please!?!

Lyndalm, what yarn are you using? I’ve been looking at several LYS’s around me and none carry the Berroco Love It… :pout:
If this is what you are using, where did you get yours?
Thanks much!

Ssshhh, [SIZE=1]I’m on a yarn diet, and am using some pink acrylic from. . . . whispering extremely quietly Walmart. Ssshhhh.[/SIZE]

I just bought this pattern!! I’m excited about it. I’m thinking of using Cotton Ease and doing the wide strap version. (but it is not going to get started until this summer…)

What do you think you are going to do?

I’d love to join in with a different top, if that’s all right! I’m planning on doing the ballet camisole from MagKnits, if I can ever get gauge… who knew I was a loose knitter? This will be my first fitted anything.

Yay! :cheering: What brand is Cotton Ease? I was looking at some of the KnitPicks cotton. I definitely want a cotton blend of some sort. I am going to do the wide strap version with shaping. I’m too old for the skinny strap one! :teehee:

oops- it is Lion Brand- it is a cotton acrylic blend- I got it at Michael’s for 3.99/skein. the new colors for the cotton ease are pretty soft blues, light greens, terra cottas… I’m thinking I have enough of the light blue. and I want to hide the bra straps etc with the wide straps… I’ve got to finish a Monica, a couple hand towels, and sew some goodie bags for my daughter’s birthday first… I’m thinking I’ll get started in mid-June. I only have about a week and a hlaf to get the stuff done for my daughter’s party- ACK! she will be five, and she has definite ideas of how things should be done! :roflhard:

I’ll have go take a look at that yarn. The colors sound nice. And I hate my bra straps to show too. I think I will be starting around the same time! That will work out well. I’ll be sure to check out that yarn before then. Have you ever used it before?