How About a Smile, Giggle or Even A Laugh


Lets see if I can get this link on…

Disregard thread. I could not get the joke on here. I can’t get the pictures from my E-mail on to here. SORRY :-([/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

I was wanting a smile :)or a giggle:teehee: or even a good laugh:woot: but then when I get here… I don’t know what happen:shrug:, there is nothing to read that is funny at all…:?? susan said she was sorry:help:, I just hope she tried real hard to get it to work:figureditout:… I am very sad:verysad: I was really looking forward to laughting or at least giggle… But Nope not going to happen :waah::pout::tap::noway::think::eyes: Well at least I got to use a lot of “smilely”:thumbsup::clink:

Never mind, SusanMarie, I don’t find it easy to upload stuff either. :eyes:

Have another bash sometime, but thank you very much for the sentiment - think there’s times we need a good laugh around here. :roflhard:

All the Best