How about a Lace Scarf Knig Along?

I just saw this beautiful scarf and the FREE pattern is on Knit Picks.:inlove:

It would only be the second thing I’ve knit using a chart and NOT following the written directions even tho they do give those also. B

Would anyone like to give this a try with me?? I’m heading out today for the yarn.:happydance:

Hey Quiltlady - the July monthly challenge is lace and I am doing the candle flame wrap (someone else is also doing the scarf as you are) - you might want to join us over on that KAL… It is a very pretty pattern, isn’t it? Of course, if you do go over to that KAL you’ll see my trials with this - nothing to do with the pattern, just me :roflhard: I’m starting over so you wouldn’t be “behind” at all :lol:

Oh I’m sorry I guess I didn’t see that. I’ll look for that KA here and maybe join in. I did buy beautiful yarn today at a yarn shop in Woodstock, NY.

:oops:No need to be sorry!!! I didn’t mean to discourage a separate KAL for this…just thought you might want to know about the other one…:heart: