Houston, we've had a joining mishap

Hi everyone. :rollseyes: It’s me… again.

So, I’ve gotten down my slip knot, cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and bind off. I was feeling pretty darn good about myself until I developed a massive, unfixable tangle somewhere in my skein (thank my kitten for that–but it’s my fault for letting her get at it).

I thought, “No problem, there’s a nice little video that teaches how to join. I’ll cut that mess out, and join.”

Well, I did. It went fine–or so I thought. I trimmed the excess off with plenty of extra tails to start… again, or so I thought.

So I kept knitting, and by the next row, I realized that my little ends are now poking out.

I have kept knitting, and am not too too worried, because this is the first real project I’ve tried to make. But… does anyone have advice for me to hide those pokes so that they don’t look too bad?

Or, worse… is my whole scarf going to unravel if I ever try to wear it or wash it?

Thank you all in advance for your time!!!


When I weave my ends in, I go in one direction for a few stitches, then make a U-turn and go in the opposite direction, then go up, then go down, etc. Do you have enough left so that you could un-weave and re-weave in a few different directions? It really shouldn’t be a problem… Sometimes I only weave in 2 or 3 stitches and i’ve never had anything unravel. Just trim the sticky out part close to the stitches.

Hmm… I must say, I’m not sure at all what you mean.

You see, I haven’t been knitting for very long. A week or two at most, probably, but I’d have to look it up now to be sure.

But they’re not ends, I don’t think. Rather, they’re litle tiny ends from the old yarn poking up right in the bloody middle of what was nicely turning into a scarf. Aka, picture a scarf. Now, picture a couple of single pieces of yarn poking out of the center of that scarf; they are, perhaps, each 1/4’’ long.

Can you just push them in with your finger and pretend they don’t exist? :wink:

When you did your join, did you leave long tails of yarn to weave in and now they are poking through, or did you just join and leave a tiny bit of yarn?

I joined in 4 stitches, then left tails that were about 2 inches. Then, I cut them. :-\ I thought I was supposed to, and I left about an inch hanging off each tail, but now they have somehow gotten worked in so only tiny parts poke out. :-\

If you’ve already knitted about 4 stitches with the 2 yarns held together, you should be ok just cutting off the little bits sticking out. Sounds like there aren’t too many other options at this point, if I’m understanding the type of join you did correctly.

I think that about describes it. Now… are those little ends going to unravel and ruin it all? :frowning:

It sounds like you did the right thing…if tiny bits poke out, you trim them until those tails find a comfy resting spot and they dont want to poke out any more. It will be fine. I had a hard time really believing that weaving in would actually work, too…but it does!

When you do a join, it’s better to leave a longer tail (they can just hang there until you’re done knitting) and weave in the ends when you finish the piece. Your threads were short enough that they got pulled into the fabric. They should be okay, just trim them off the way KellyK suggested.

Knitty has a very good article on finishing. I finish every project with a copy of this on my lap: