Houston...We Have a Problem...It's HOT!

[U][B][COLOR=Red]HOW HOT IS IT???[/COLOR][/B][/U] It’s DANG hot!!!
[COLOR=Black]It’s almost 6 PM and it’s nearly 102 degrees in the shade at my house (104[/COLOR] in the city of Houston)…add 53% humidity according to weather.com, which raises it another 10 degrees - I mean it makes it FEEL like 112 or 114!!!
Just venting…but STILL knitting!!! :wink: :x:


That’s one more reason I love Ft Worth! I have to laugh at anyone who complains to me about it being humid here…I just tell them to give Houston or San Antonio a try! Stay as cool as possible and keep your sense of humor handy

I’ll be leaving WI tomorrow heading for Lubbock. I’m sure it’ll still be warm when I get there. What can I say? I like the heat far more than the cold.

It’s been nasty hot and humid here and setting off storms all week.

I really feel for you folks who live in hot weather. It got to about 74 here today, perfect!

If Congress passes Obamas Cap and Tax bill tomorrow, electricity rates will go up 75% (that’s according to our electric company). When we lived in New Mexico, that would have precluded running our air conditioning.

Personally, I believe in doing everything I can to save electricity, but knitting and sewing by flashlight seems a bit silly.

I hate the heat, so I obviously won’t be moving to Texas! That’s HOT! Here in Michigan we’ve reached middle 90s, and the humidity is disgusting. I can’t wait for fall!

It’s really NOT the heat, it’s the humidity…:teehee: REALLY! I’ve lived in S. and C. American countries without A/C. Well…I just won’t complain about the cold anymore. Boy do I miss Canadian summers!:thud:

:noway:That’s [B]%#&$^!@ RIDICULOUS!!![/B] :evil:
I can barely afford my current bill!!!

I hope everyone who voted for Obama without knowing what his agenda was, gets exactly what they deserve…unfortunately, those of us who were educated enough to vote against him will have to bear the burden of his socialist administration. Going “Green” will bankrupt this country for generations to come.

My biggest gripe is the fact that we have had NO rain. Everything in my yard is droopy and turning brown. What with the increase in electric bill from the a/c constnatly running, I am trying not to also add to the water bill and have just been spot watering where the droopiest plants are.

I saw on the news today where the EPA is being investigated for covering up a study that found global warming no worse than 50 years ago. I don’t expect much to come out of it, it’s easier to control the people and separate them from their money by blaming them for global warming.

I’m no Obama fan, but in all fairness, and in my disgust with ALL politicians, this did not start with Obama. It’s been a long time coming.

A few days ago, New Orleans (my neck of the woods) reached it’s hottest day in the history of the city. 104 degrees farenheit (the actual temp, not the heat index). The water in our pool is even in the 90s!!! My AC never shuts off. I’ll have an anxiety attack next time my electric bill comes. Bring on the rain…but let it know when to stop.

We did get a bit of rain today here in Carencro, just enough to make mud with the dirt on the windshield, but it cooled things off while it lasted. I suppose tomorrow it will feel like a sauna!

So are you suggesting that ppl who voted for Obama are not educated?

No, what the person meant was that those of us who DIDN’T vote for Obama are MORE educated than those who did.

I assume you do not listen to talk radio, i.e, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity?

Let’s not turn this into a political debate, shall we?!?
This heat is giving me enough of a headache! :wall:

It hit record highs again yesterday, we had thunder and lighting at night but no rain :nails: Chance of rain today again, I’m praying it is so!:thud:

Okay by me! Hubby reported that it was 87 outside our house. I did notice it was cooler this morning when I stepped outside with the garbage.

However, it’s still too hot to think about knitting on my sweater, which I’d like to get done before fall, but I do have a lace shawl in progress which is coming along nicely.

I’m working on a cotton/acryllic cardi. The yarn’s not so hot, so it helps me stay on it.

Well, though I can empathize with all of you - I can’t sympathize lol! It has been a truly miserable June in New England. There were only I beleive 2 days in June that it did NOT rain. Temps have been hovering in the 60’s for the most part! I literally had to light the woodstove a couple of nights to get the dampness out of the house! Been tempted to put on a turtleneck a few times too…but limited myself to throwing on a fleece sweatshirt :oo: Right about now I’d kill for a little heat and humidity! (And I don’t think I’m alone in those sentiments!)