Hourglass Sweater. Totally messed up on decreasing at yoke!

Actually, I set 4 markers, 2 in front and 2 in back on edges of the yoke. Did my decreasing every other row from the yoke ONLY! Ended up down to 38 stitches on f and b of yoke and THEN I started decreasing every round on the sleeve edges. 6 inches long from beginning of decreases and now I have 130 stitches on my needles. It looks fine, but any suggestions on how to just finish this sweater even with a different neckline? Please help!

Uhhh, how’d you do that? You’re supposed to decrease on the front, back and sleeve sections at the same time. Saves having to seam it together. My suggestion is go back to where you separated them and do all the decreases together.