Hourglass Sweater Sleeve Att. Help!

Am nearly done with the second sleeve and find the directions for attaching the sleeves confusing. Can anyone explain these simply please? Any help on completeing this sweater appreciated!

The directions for the 2nd sleeve are non-existent. Hang on while I find my copy of LMKG and try to remember what I did…

So you knit the first sleeve on to the tube that will be the body of the sweater, so an aerial view would look like this:


by knitting the sleeve stitches onto your long 32" needle. You leave 5 sts on either side of your marker on stitch holders, unknitted. You will kitchener these together later.

Then you use your 12" needle to make the 2nd sleeve, and then do the same thing as you did with the other side, so that it looks like this"


There will be a LOT of stitches on there, but you will start decreasing right away so it’s ok. There are a lot of threads here and on knitty’s forums, and a knit-along that were really helpful when I was knitting this sweater. Do a search for these. Good luck!

So am I knitting ALL the sleeve stiches on to the body or JUST the 10 that are seperate from the rest?

You would knit all but the stitches that are held for the underarm.