Hourglass Sweater kAL

Hourglass Sweater from “Last minute Knitted Gifts” by Joelle Hoverson

A fitted Raglan Sweater with beautiful bell sleeves.

join in! :waving:


It sounds pretty… is there a pic of it somewhere?

Good idea starting it here knitbebe! I think I’m farther along, and that worries me, who will lead the way?! :shock:
We have a “Communications Day” at work today, 8-12, so that will be strictly knitting time for me! I’m hoping to finish this first sleeve and get the second one started, although I’m semi-confused about the instructions to put the first sleeve on the main body, so I’m just going to put them on a holder until I can look at it better. I’m loving the Andean silk, so soft, and the color is just gorgeous! I’ll try to take progress pics tonight, if I remember!

Thanks for starting the KAL! I’m done with the body and just started the first sleeve. I’m using Debbie Bliss Cathay (50% cotton, 35% viscose microfibre, 15% silk).

Hi All,
Mer just let me know that there is an Hourglass Sweater KAL. YAY!
I just started it a few days ago, and I don’t have much done yet. I am using Gedifra Stripe, in reds, pinks, purples. I love it so far, I don’t know why I’m not further along… :??

Will try to move a little quicker…

Yay!! :cheering: I got the majority of my first sleeve done in my horrible meeting!! I’m doing the smallest size, but the sleeve still seems to be a little big around, but it should be okay.
There are now 4 of us, how exciting.
Mer, you might have to help me once I’m done the sleeves, I’m semi-confused with the “knit the sleeves sts onto the circular needle for the body next to the 69 sts for front, place market, then knit the back” How do you knit something onto a circular needle? Does it mean just move them? This part has me baffled… :??

Well I’m not there yet–but I’ll try to help if you need it! It might make more sense when you have everything in your hands and are looking at the pattern. That often happens to me. :lol:

So, as I’m eating lunch and staring at my hourglass sweater, I am wondering if it is already looking too big? the lower body (the small amount i have done) looks awfully wide. i’m thinking maybe i should do the smaller size (right now i am doing the Small size)… if i have to frog, this would be the time, i guess before i get too far…


this is just a KAL, no deadline, right?!??!?!?!

allegra, i’m with you…my sleeve is looking extra big, and then my hubby confirmed it looked a little baggy…i’m 13 inches up on it…what to do? although the body part of mine is looking okay, hard to tell though?! my gauge swatches were right on, and i checked a couple of times when i started, so i know that’s not the problem.

it’s scary to think about starting over though…but then again, you want to make sure it’s right…hmmm…although it is an “hourglass” sweater, so it will taper in

Something I wasn’t sure about on this pattern was the sizing–the finished measurements are given for the sweater, not for the person wearing it. So I picked the smallest size (which is smaller than my bust size) because I wanted to have a little negative ease (a little snugness, I suppose!) Hopefully that was the right way to go!

allegra, I just cast on yesterday & now have 3 rows!! woohoo! so, I think we’re at the same place (the starting gate!! :smiley: )

mer & kellyjo are leading the way! mer, too late for me to do the provisional cast on since I’m on row 3. but, I have decided (after a little reality check–ummm…I read the directions.) that I will mark the stitches every 10, as you suggested and knit the hem.

I don’t know how much support I’ll be able to offer you guys, since you’re way ahead of me–but, I reread the directions (insert crazy obsessed knitter here! :blush: ) in spare moments, so at least I’ll know what you guys are talking about.

I’m starting a blog to chronicle my progress on hourglass–I’ll let you guys know when it is up in running. In case you want to drop there as well.


Did the pattern call for Manos? What are you using? I remember seeing this sweater and wanted to make it.

The pattern calls for Noro Cash Iroha.

I have to say that I made it through the body fine, but now that I’m on to the sleeves I am getting TIRED of stockinette! :rollseyes: And I’m doing magic loop method (I don’t like 12" circs) and it seems to be taking a while. Gotta press on…


ribbit, ribbit

i frogged it all. i was convinced it was going to be too wide. i did yet another swatch and it all works out fine.

so now that i’m going to START ALL OVER (for a 2nd time, first time i had twisted the first row and couldn’t tell until i had done about the same amount i had done this past time)… are there any hints, tricks that i should keep in mind? like this provisonal cast on or the sewing up the hem stuff you guys are talking about?

i won’t be casting on until tomorrow night probably, so i will anxiously await any words of wisdom… and then i will knit like a banshee to try to catch up to at least where i was before frogging…


I’m so sorry I missed out on the provisional cast on, and sewing up the hem as I went. Argh! It saying to slipstitch the lower edge and sleeves…hmm, slipstitch?! :??
Oh well, I’ll save that for last I guess.

Mer, that’s what I did sizing wise, went down just a tad, there was a huge gap between the small and then the next size, so I went with the smaller. I decided last night that since this was the first sweater I’ve done, I’m going to just go for it and love it no matter what!

:frowning: Sorry Allegra!

I did slip mine on to a large circ when I got to the armpit area and tried it on–it fits! So that’s a relief. Looks like a fancy tube top at this point. :wink:

So I’ve CO’d for the THIRD time now. I did the provisional CO. Now what’s this all about hemming the botton while knitting the lower body?

allegra, I’m sorry you’ve had a rough start. But, glad to see you plugging a way. The provisional cast on is really going to help you when you flip up your hem to knit on–you’ll be able to see which stitch goes where.

I don’t have any really great hints about the hem-since I’m a little lost with this hemming. I’ve done several swatches to try out the hem technique and what I discovered was that it isn’t as clear as which stitches match. It’s easy to skip a stitch are pick up an extra stitch .

so, I’m going to get a piece of scrap yarn and pull it through the bottom stitches (to make them more defined and hopefully easier to pick up in the right order (since you have done provisional --you’ve eliminated this problem) --it will be easy for you to match stitches up. It should be free sailing for you. YOu may want to mark every 20 or even 10 stitches. That way if you skip a stitch then you can just pick up 2 and be right on track. As long as you control the numbers evening them about every 10/20 you want have any problem with the hem twisting.

Boy, we’ll be sailing along after this hem.

I’m loving my pima cotton by cascade—it is so soft, and really looks like denim. I have to figure out a way to get more–with my budget I have to be very creative–which sometimes means we eat pancakes, frech toast for dinner (what a horrible sacrifice!! :wink: I take the extra grocery money and get some yarn. My husband is a teacher/ as I am–but, right now I’m at home my son . With one teaching salary I have to be very creative with how to keep my “habit” going.


So maybe it’s just me, but is a provisonal CO tighter than usual?? It took me FOREVER to knit my first round because it was so tight! I’m sure it’s just the way I did it, but man, I thought I was going to get tendonitis from knitting last night!!! Not a good thing when i’m trying to prevent that in my “everyday” life…

Anyway, i do like the way the prov CO makes it look. Is it really crucial to do the hemming as soon as i can or can it wait? i feel like i need to make up some ground on this project, so maybe i’ll just wait until later when i’m bored of stockinette…

Allegra–the advantage to using the provisional cast-on is that you can do the hem before you finish the whole piece. I followed this tutorial exactly and it worked great: http://marniemaclean.com/words/2005/01/no-sew-hem.html. It’s basically like 3-needle bind off but without the bind-off part, if that makes any sense.

I suppose you could wait and sew up the provisional cast on loops at the end, but then you might as well just follow the pattern as written if you’re going to have to sew, in my opinion! :wink: