Hot Pink Scarf

Ok, I have a friend that is requesting a hot pink scarf. I want it to be super cute, maybe with a bit of black to “soften” it a bit. Any suggestions?

mmm… does your friend have any preference for yarn? Does she like skinny and long, more fashionable or warm and bulky? Is she in Florida too, where I’m thinking you don’t really need a heavy wool scarf, so maybe light and lacey?

I’ve got alot of scarf patterns stashed away if you give a few more details. :wink:

Just as a thought on the color… I don’t think black will “soften” the look. If you want to soften the color, I would use another tone, slightly lighter, than the hot pink.

If you go with one shade of pink, I think a stitch pattern like this, would also soften the look.



I am using a moss stitch and going to put a light pink or white ruffle on the edges. Think this should be ok. The moss stitch takes away from the sharp bright color.

I just made neice one. I used lion brand fun fur and it’s really cute