Hot off the DP needles

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]For these, I knitted these long (I like long gloves in case my coat doesn’t have a cuff on it, my arm doesn’t get cold!) I also put pointy ends on the fingers because I am forever poking holes in the ends of my gloves with my fingernails.

The yarn was spun from some mohair I picked up at a bargain table at a fleece fair. It was dark, dark salmon, so I carded it with some natural Targhee sheep’s wool. Still a little too dark, so put some white angora in there (not much). Finally happy, and spun. For some reason this appears to have more contrast on the darker strips than it appears to me in person. They also look clean in person, as they’ve been washed. My camera doesn’t hold a charge until I get the new battery in it, so I used the scanner, and there was a thread on the scanner bed too. :frowning:

Anyway, here they are. Next time I need to put a bobble at the base of the ring finger, because my ring is stressing the yarn there. A nice bauble? No? :happydance:

Great idea to customize them for yourself! They look great!

They are gorgeous!!! Great job!

Wonderful work! You are very innovative and artistic! I wish I knew how to (and had the equipment to) spin my own yarn, or at least, do what you did…keeping blending different fibers into something til it’s just right! Great idea!!!

Very lovely!

I love the suble changes in the yarn you came up with. Lovely gloves.

You ladies are very kind. Thank you. I am working on 2 color brioche in the round right now. When I “get it going” there is going to be a 2 color hat in angora/merino. But so far, my attempts go awry somewhere around the 3rd row.
Thanks again,

They are brilliant. Love the solitary cable on each glove - it’s elegant.