Hot needles!

Phew - finished second grandson’s sweater in record time - the actual pattern was plan so I put the cable pattern up the front.
Next up - finish wild and joyful hedgehog, make Christmas hat for daughter, then twiddlemuff and prem baby blanket for competition! Don’t think I’ll get bored - good job the allotment, garden and bees don’t need too much attention at the moment!


When you want to get something done, ask a busy person. You have a wonderful plan. Enjoy working on all the projects!

This is beautiful! Do you have a link to the pattern by any chance? I’d love to knit this for my son.

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Glad you like it - it does look well on my red haired Scots grandson!

This is the pattern - I did the round neck version. and the wool I used was Wendy Evolve Sandalwood. Lovely and soft as it contains alpaca.

I invented the cable pattern up the front though - I think its about 5 pearl, 6 cable then another 5 pearl. You’d need to experiment if doing a different size.

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