Hot head hat from Stitch and bitch

Hi folks, I need some help deciphering my pattern:??

It’s the hot head hat from Stitch n Bitch, using four colours.

The instructions are as follows:-

With A, CO 56 sts.
Work 29 rows in k2, p2 rib foll colour pattern.

Color pattern
4 rows D, 4 rows B, 4 rows C, 2 rows A, 2 rows C, 2 rows B, 2 rows D, 4 rows A, 2 rows D, 2 rows A, 2 rows B, 2 rows A, 2 rows C.

The colour pattern starts with “D”, and the pattern asked me to cast on 56 sts with “A”.

Not getting it:shrug:

Thanks guys:drool:

Okay, I was being a bit dense there. Sorry:oo: I got started and figured it out!