Hot Dog Mittens

In my search for mitten patterns, I remembered this one that I have bookmarked. These look really stupid, but they’re practical if you need a quick pair of mittens. They’re very easy to do. This is a 4H Club project for the county fair.

I like those, but WHY are they called “Hot Dog Mittens”??? I was expecting them to look like hot dogs or something!!

Also, do you know where I could find other 4H knitting instruction pamphlets like that one online?


I don’t know about online. I do know that publications like this are available through your local County Extension Office. They give out pamphlets to 4H Club members as well as the public. There may be a small fee for it, but it’s nominal. My mom used to get some really good recipes and canning information through them. You can always give them a call and ask if you can access this info online.

I think they call these Hot Dog Mittens because of the shape. They resemble hot dogs. These would be great for some fast charity mittens. It’s something a beginning knitter could easily do, as there’s no shaping or counting like for a thumb gore. If your kids lost one of their mittens and needed another pair in a hurry these would be ideal. They’re just knit as a straight tube and gathered at the top. The ribbing makes it adjustable for all. If you notice the helpful Resources box on the left of this online pamphlet, Knitting Help is listed.