Horseshoe lace sweater in Clover

Well, I finished it, it fits, and now I can wash and block it then put it away for the cruise. I am not a pattern designer, I am a pattern follower. This pattern was not plus sized so I had to try and make it several sizes bigger. I was amazed I didn’t screw up figuring the proper cast on and such, but then the pattern is a pretty easy one. I bought a long black skirt and these cute black thong sandals that have little leather flowers all over the thong part to wear on the cruise to dinner one night. I need to get a cool looking necklace and earrings to go with it.

Oh, it’s lovely! It will look great with the sandals and skirt, too!

It’s elegant and beautiful! You altered the pattern perfectly. Enjoy wearing the sweater and every minute of the cruise.

Great job on this, Nonny! You’re upsized sweater is absolutely perfect. Just think: You can wear it on the cruise, and then wear it when you get back, too. And every time you put it on, you’ll remember your vacation!


Nice going, BEAUTIFUL sweater! You’re going to feel like a million wearing that outfit - and what fun, on a cruise - cause you’re bound to have people comment on it, and see their reaction when you can tell them you made it. :slight_smile: Could be a great ice-breaker, and who knows, you may meet other knitters from around the world!

I was going to ask, if you don’t mind - what yarn did you use? It looks really perfect for a light-looking and not overly warm sweater. I never wear sweaters when we go somewhere, because I always end up being too warm. I’d think that yarn might make a lovely vest, too - I wouldn’t try a sweater, but maybe someday a vest - I love them. Cheers and congrats again!

It is a sport version of Bernat Satin, but sadly the color Clover is not made anymore. I was sweating whether or not I would have enough for the sleeves as I had the back and front finished and had a partial and one skein left. I bought this yarn a few years ago and kept it and then didn’t even look to see if I could get it again if I needed more! lol Bernat Satin is very reasonably priced and knits up soft and gets softer each time it is washed, which it is washable and dryable, which is nice.
I did get tickled on my title of the thread with horseshoe and clover in it. Sounds like I live on a horse farm! lolol

Nonny - your sweater turned out scrumptious! And your DH really needs to wear his socks that evening - the colorways match your sweater so very well! Have an excellent time on your cruise!

Beautiful work!

I love everything about this little pullover! Great job!

Thanks for the scoop on your yarn, it’s a really good one, isn’t it! I mostly knit doll clothes, for my old vintage doll, and from what you’ve told me, it should be a good one for her as well. It sounds like it would drape nicely for the skirt and be soft enough to work nicely around the shoulders and neck - always a challenge (for me, anyway - maybe not for a better knitter). I’ll look for it - thanks again! Enjoy that outfit AND your cruise!

You’re very welcome. Bernat Satin is available in worsted weight as well and can be purchased all over the place so you should be able to find it easily enough. has it online too.

I love the sweater, wear it and have fun on the cruise.

You did a great job of sizing it up and don’t underestimate yourself, that took a bit of skill. I am wondering how you would describe the color. Clover. Clover leaves are green, but this is not clover leaf green, maybe a light green though. Clover blossoms are a slight off white, so maybe that. Thanks for sharing about your outfit for the cruise, I always like details like that. :slight_smile: You’ll look great. What was next on your “knitting for the cruise list”? More socks for DH?

I am not sure I would have named the yarn clover either, but then I am not in the yarn naming business! lol Right now I am knitting the other pair of socks for Jack in a brown pattern with solid colored heel and toe. The last thing for the cruise is to finish a mohair wrap to wear on formal night. I have it long enough to wear, but want to go ahead and use the rest of the skein and make it really long. Thanks for your kind comments.

I know I’ve seen it at Michael’s, and thought it looked lovely. But I really hesitate to try new yarns because I’ve misjudged a couple - not experienced enough - and instead of making a doll outfit, I ended up with a gauge swatch and a stash addition. That’s why I was so happy that you posted so many details about that yarn -

I just had this flash of brilliance - next time I see a yarn I think I’d like to buy, why don’t I post here first, and ask if anyone’s used it and what it’s like. And why does it take me so long to figure out the obvious…there are so many wonderfully helpful members here :wall:

I would say if you can’t find the answer here, there is no answer. I have never not had someone answer a question. Though I am not a big user of expensive yarns for the most part so would probably not be able to give you much info on some of them, I will give you a leg up on one thing, I have bought dozens of skeins of yarn, all different types and weights from the knit pick site online and always get good quality yarn that doesn’t come apart, has great color, etc. Feel free to PM me if you want to know about yarn and if I have used the stuff, I will be glad to tell you my opinion. Donna

love the colour!