Horseshoe cable blanket

I’m making the horseshoe cable blanket. Can anyone explain to me what it means after row to in the pattern it says to repeat rows 1 and 2 then it talks about ribbing a garter stitch for 4" finishing with row 1. What does this mean?

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What is the name of the pattern? Can you give us a link to it?
It seems surprising that a horseshoe cable blanket would only be a 2 row pattern. Perhaps this part of the directions is just explaining some of the stitch patterns you need to use. The actual body of the blanket may come later in the pattern starting with a 4" garter stitch border.

I have been able to figure out row 1 and 2 on the blanket. Now I’m on the part that says repeat rows 1 and 2… I dont understand how I do this or what a garter edge stitch is and what it means by ribbing.

Can you give us the name of the pattern and a source, maybe a book title or website?

I added a link to the last email. Not sure why it didn’t go thru. Hopefully this works

I’ve been watching videos and maybe I dont know where to start. Idk if I start with row 1 on the blanket or the cable panel. I’m so lost and confused

That’s perfect. OK, start with the directions under Blanket and cast on 106sts. Then work rows 1 & 2. Now work a row 1 again and follow it with row 2. Then continue working row 1,2,1,2 until the blanket border measures 4" from the cast on. Don’t worry about the garter stitch edge, that’s included in rows 1 & 2 and will occur at the edge sts on each side.

Once you have 4" the pattern has an increase row. The directions help you space out the increases. When the directions say “rib” you’ll work the k2p2 ribbing that you have been doing. Look at the previous columns of knits or purls and when you see a V, knit it; when you see a purl bump, purl it. The pattern is about to change anyway to include the cable panels.

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Ok beautiful thank you so much. I was ready to give up and try a different one. I’ve been doing and redoing this for 3 weeks now. I have never knitted before and thought i would be able to take it on as quickly as I did with crocheting. Lol. I will try this and if i get stuck again I will reach out. Thank you again so very much.

Come back anytime. These patterns get easier to read the more you do them.
Sometimes it helps to read through the pattern to get a general idea of where it’s going. You don’t have to read to understand every stitch or stitch pattern, just an overall impression helps.

I agree and at first when I read it I thought I understood then I watched videos for about a week and felt really comfortable. Then I started knitting and it was looking goofy ( not sure if it does for awhile) so I would tear it out restart, knit with a video and it was all the same. You confirmed that i do have somewhat of an understanding. But yes over time I hope it gets easier and then I can help someone else.

Ok just to be sure I’m understanding the knitting part. I notice it says back and forth so, does that mean for example. I get done casting on, do I start row one immediately or from the very first stitch?

Start row 1 right away. The yarn ball is attached to the last stitch cast on. Start with that stitch.
Back and forth means that this blanket it knit flat, that is, it isn’t joined to knit in the round or as a tube.

Ok so when I finish row 1(or any row unless specified) I move the needle to my left hand and start the next row where the yarn ball will be?

Yes, turn at the end of the row and switch the needles in your hands. The needle with sts will be in your left hand and the empty needle in your right.

After I work the row 1 and 2 and then start with row 1 do I start with the k4 or start at the * p2 k2?

You want to repeat rows 1 & 2 from the very beginning, the entire row. Otherwise you’ll have sts not knit or purled remaining on the left needle.

It’s a good idea when you are working the rib to look at the sts from the previous rows. There will be columns of knits and purls. Make sure that you are following those columns. If you see a V, knit it. If you see a bump, purl it.

K2. (Rib across 8 sts. M1) twice so this means I knit 2 then p2k2 for 8 sts or k2p2? Then I make 1. Do I make 1 twice?

Knit 2, then p2k2 for 8sts, work the steps in parentheses, rib 8, M1, then repeat all the steps in parentheses, rib 8, M1.

So rib is p2k2?

For this pattern, yes.