horseshoe cable blanket

knitting a horseshoe cable blanket confused how to read pattern instructions. I am trying to use the pattern www.yarnspiration .com horseshoe - cable blanket can anyone help tired of pulling it apart for the third time.

Where are you stuck? If we know that, we can help better.

The cable pattern

Which part is confusing for you?? The actual cable itself or what??


Cable Panel (worked over 24 sts).
1st row: (RS). (P1. K1) twice. P2. K12. P2.
(K1. P1) twice.
2nd row: (K1. P1) twice. K2. P12. K2. (P1. K1)
3rd row: (K1. P1) 3 times. K12. (P1. K1)
3 times.
4th row: (P1. K1) 3 times. P12. (K1. P1)
3 times.
5th to 8th rows: Rep 1st to 4th rows.
9th and 10th rows: Rep 1st and 2nd rows.
11th row: (K1. P1) 3 times. C6B. C6F. (P1. K1)
3 times.
12th row: As 4th row. These 12 rows form
Cable Panel.

These rows are just for the Cable Panel. They are all Knits and Purls until you get to Row 11.

Which row(s) are you having problems with?

Row 1: P1, K1, P1, K1, P2, K12, P2, K1, P1, K1, P1
Row 2: K1, P1, K1, P1, K2, P12, K2, P1, K1, P1, K1
Row 3: K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K12, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1
Row 4: P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P12, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1
Row 5: Repeat Row 1
Row 6: Repeat Row 2
Row 7: Repeat Row 3
Row 8: Repeat Row 4
Row 9: Repeat Row 1
Row 10: Repeat Row 2
Row 11: K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, C6B, C6F, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1
Row 12: Repeat Row 4

hope this helps,

I have a question about this pattern too. The cable pattern is 24 stitches. But 24 is not a multiple of 112 (the number of stitches in the previous rows). After the 2 rows of ribbing, how do you start the cable rows?

If you finished the ribbing and have 112, proceed with the directions at the top of the next column on the page:
1st row: (RS). K2. [Work 1st row Cable Panel. P2. (K2. P2) 4 times] twice. Work 1st row Cable Panel. K2.
The cable panel will only be repeated 3 times total with k2,p2 sts between repeats and k2 at each end of the afghan. It adds up correctly to 112sts.

Thank you!
Just to make sure I understand, is the third row:
(RS). K2. [Work 3rd row Cable Panel. P2. (K2. P2) 4 times] twice. Work 3rd row Cable Panel. K2.

Perfect! That’s exactly right.
When you get to the last row of the cable panel, row 12, start over again at row 1.
It’s going to be a lovely blanket.

Thank you again!

I just started this pattern but I’m confused on the first increase row after the initial ribbing. It looks like it is messing up the ribbing by knitting over a purl and vice versa. Is that supposed to happen? I don’t want to knit 10 rows only to rip them back out.

Welcome to KH!
The next row will start the cable pattern but for the increase row, keep up the rib pattern as set. You can do this by making the increase stitch and then essentially ignoring it.
So do k2, p2, k2, p2, increase a stitch and then continue with k2, p2. The knits and purls will continue to line up with previous rows. Yes, there’ll be an extra stitch in there from the increase but the cable pattern is about to take over on the next row anyway.

Glad to be here!

I followed the pattern to the letter but it still happened. The pattern is as follows:
(WS): K2. (Rib across 8 sts. M1)
twice. Rib across 26 sts. (M1. Rib across 8 sts)
twice. Rib across 26 sts. (M1. Rib across 8 sts)
twice. Rib to last 2 sts. K2. 112 sts

By starting on the WS, right away on the 3rd and 4th stitches it has me knitting over what had been a purl. Also, when I rib 26 sts. I ended on a knit stitch, and then begin again on a knit stitch after the M1. Is that correct or should I be starting my ribbing with a purl?

Did you work the 4 inches ending having completed a RS row, row 1? You next row would then be a WS row, row 2:

K2, p2, k2, p2, k2, M1, k2, p2, k2 etc.

If you’re not sure about RS/WS just look at your stitches. The first 2sts and the last 2sts are garter stitch (knit every row) the sts in between are k2p2 rib. Look at the columns of sts and knit where you see 2 Vs and purl where you see 2 bumps or collars. As I mentioned above, ignore the M1 and after you’ve made the increase, continue to look at the columns of knits and purls.

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That is where I am confused. If I always start the rib stitch on k2 then shouldn’t it be k2 k2 p2 k2 p2 M1?

For the start of the WS row, the pattern repeat starts with K2P2. The k2 is the garter border. The rib on these rows start with p2.
The safest guide is always to look at your sts. You’re doing that already because you’re noticing where the pattern is going off. That’s good.

Is it just that the pattern is written wrong then? Because it doesn’t specify to start the ribbing on purl but you have to to make it fit. Then 20 stitches in after the 2nd M1 it has you rib again but you say to start that rib with a knit stitch; in effect having 5 knit stitches in a row where there had been even 2x2 ribbing up until that point.

The pattern is correct. For row 2 the pattern is:
2nd row: *K2. P2. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K22
Since the first and last 2 sts are knit sts for the garter stitch border, the ribbing starts with P2… The pattern is accounting for those 2 garter sts when it tells you *K2. The repeat starting with the asterisk isn’t just the ribbing, it’s the entire row starting with those border sts in garter stitch.
I didn’t mean start every “Rib” direction with a k2. What I’m recommending is to continue the rib pattern you’re already working not counting the M1 in that pattern. So if you end a rib section with …k2, p2, k2, then do a M1 increase, the ribbing would continue with p2, k2 etc.
What I’m recommending to keep you in rib pattern is to not consider the M1 as part of the k2p2 pattern. Doing so will throw off the ribbing columns.