Horseshoe cable blanket help please!

this is my first time making a blanket involving cables. this is the part that confuses me in the pattern:
From cable pattern: 12th row: As 4th row. These 12 rows form Cable Panel.

BLANKET: Cast on 106 sts.

Do I cast off of the cable pattern and set aside for later. Then in the pattern they mention multiple cable panels, but never mention how many to make.

Welcome to KH!
Don’t work the cable panel by itself unless you want to practice the stitch pattern. Begin with the Cast on of 106sts. The 12 row cable pattern will be referred to later and placed within the blanket pattern. The blanket may tell you to work a border, the 12 row cable panel, some knit and purls, the 12 row cable panel and a border for example.

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a name or link?