Horizontal who-what? St question

I was referred here from another board so I hope you gals can help =)

Currently I am attempting to make the Candy Stripes bag from SnB Nation, and for the life of me cannot wrap my head around how to their horizontal herringbone st:
“Row 2: P2tog, then purl first st again, slipping both sts off needle tog”

What in the world does this mean?? Do I purl into the “first” st that’s hidden in the p2tog, or do I purl into the p2tog st, or (for some reason) do I just move into the next st and go from there. And where the heck are the two sts coming from?

Ugh, I’ve managed to confuse myself even more.

I love the SnB series, the patterns are great, but there’s always a clarity issue in trying to understand the patterns, at least for me there is. I checked their errors site and nothing about the Herringbone Horizontal was mentioned.

Can someone please help clear this up for me? I’m super-anticipated to start this project, but need to get over this stupid hurdle.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, I hope I can clarify for you. Go ahead and do the P2tog, but, before you transfer those stitches from the left to the right needle, purl into the very front ‘leg’ or stitch and then transfer the whole lot to the right needle.

Oh thank you so so so much! I think I’ve got it, but I want to make sure. Heh, I’m going to break this down to make sure I get it.

Okay so I slip the right needle purlwise into two stitches. I loop the yarn over the two stitches and pull it through, but before I pull the previous two stitches through, I go ahead and make one purl stitch through the front leg of the first stitch? On the wrong side of the fabric (I’m assuming it’s the wrong side, but it’s probably the right, heh), there should be a little horizontal slash between every two sts?

Sorry I’m being crazy, but I’m all about making this purse and learning this sts.

Thanks so much, you’re awesome!

there should be a little horizontal slash between every two sts?

Yep, by George I think you’ve got it! :lol: