Horizontal stripes

Amy, you don’t have a video for knitting horizontal stripes in the round, do you? I’m an inexperienced knitter and this is my first time knitting stripes. I have read from your post to another knitter about stripes that you just start knitting with the new color. Well, what happens to the beginning of that yarn? Don’t you have to secure it somehow? What happens to the end?

Thank you!

I’m just starting to play with stripes in the round too. Here’s where I found help:


I like the one where you pull the loop up from the previous round when you are on the second row of the new color.

You’re right about the loose end - weave it in later. Or if you’re going back to it later, keep carrying it up behind the start of the next color so you don’t have to keep rejoining. I am having so much fun with this right now!


My personal favorite because it takes the least though is to start a stripe from a different point in the round.
Basically, you knit all the rounds for color A.
Then slip 5 or ten stitches and start your next round with a new color from this new point.

Continue in this manner each time you start a new color.

Marnie, I’ll have to try that. It’s probably better. I really don’t know a heck of a lot - just started really trying to knit in November. I’ve tried on and off during my life, but never made anything “successfully” - that means that I’d really use it or wear!

But since November, I’ve had enough success to really spur me on! The problem is I don’t want to do ANYTHING but knit! I had to force myself out on my bike - with all the computer watching/working and knitting - thought I better MOVE it.

I would never have thought about that slipping a few stitches and then picking up new color. That’s all there is to it? Everything works out in the round okay? Sounds “undone” somewhere.


Oh, I love the technique. It’s spelled out much better here:

It’s where I got the suggestion.

Don’t worry if you are addicted to knitting, we’re a great support group here. Of course, we mostly just enable the addiction, but I’m ok with that.