horizontal short row stripes plus vertical intarsia stripes, in the round?

does anyone know of an online tutorial or instruction guide, showing how to combine both horizontal short row stripes and vertical instarsia stripes, preferably all in the round? i have a hat idea in mind and i’m hopeful there are existing techniques i could learn.

thanks, 'topher :wink:

Sounds like a fantastic hat!
Usually intarsia in the round is worked with a short row technique. You’re effectively knitting back and forth so that the yarn ends are where you can work with them. It’s in the round because there are no seams. That might work well (or not) with the short rows you’re planning anyway.

Here’s one way to work it. I’ve done this and I don’t like German short rows here. Maybe shadow wraps or another technique would be better.

The one and only time I did intarsia, I used Anne Berk’s method for doing it in the round, which makes a loop of the yarn you’ll need for a section before turning around. I like that it doesn’t stack the back and forth changes and it’s invisible because it’s happening where the color changes happen.

(The book had just come out and I couldn’t get my hands on a copy, so I was cobbling together the instructions. Having now watched the video, I don’t think I did it quite correctly. I never turned my work and went back the other way; I just made loops every round for the intarsia section. It worked out fine, though.)

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fantastic? we’ll see about that!

thanks for the video link, it’s very helpful. one question… your dislike of german short rows in this situation, is it because it puckers the fabric, or is more noticeable in some way?

cheers, 'topher :slight_smile:

what an interesting technique! will have to see how that translates to my idea, where the vertical stripes are maybe 4 stitches wide at their bases… thanks! :wink:

The german short rows stacked up in one place (the end of round under an arm) and were more noticeable than they ever are done in the usual staggered pattern on a row.

Great to know - thanks again! :grinning: