Horizontal seam in 2x2 rib- argh!

Hello All;

I have Googled myself silly, to no avail…I am doing a horizontal seam on a sleeve done in 2x2 rib (one piece shrug knit bottom to top). Where does one put the needle when faced with a purl stitch?

Thanks in advance!!

:zombie: << Angela

Did you ever find an answer to this?

So, are you trying to sew 2X2 rib straight on to 2X2 rib even Steven with knits touching knits and purls touching purls or is the situation a bit different? These are cast off edges, right?

:woot: I figured out how to sew cast off 2x2 ribbing when both sides are cast off edges and you, of course, have 2 knits coming together to work with (purls would probably work too)at each end. I wish I had a video camera and could put this on you-tube or something. But I can get DH to take pictures and I can explain it to you. It’s lunch time right now however.