Hoping someone is interested!

Well, I’m trying to get the supplies to make christmas presents. So far I don’t have much! I want to make hats for guys and slippers for girls and some cool bags for the 10" blow guns that my bf’s parents are getting me, my bf, his sister, and her fiance for christmas!

Well, I can’t afford the needles and yarn. So here is something I’m offering. I don’t know if anyone is interested at all but please take a look.

I have a good size stash of VHS tapes! here is the list.

The sandlot

Pretty woman
The Hobbit
Ever After
Prancer (no case)
Addams Family Values
The wedding singer
Blade II
Sixteen Candles
Sweet Home Alabama
Rocky Horror Picture show (no case)
The Three Lives of Thomasina
Sleepy Hollow
Shakespeare In love
Judge Dread
Hope Floats
Back to the Future
From Hell
Meed the Parents
Christmas Vacation
The Sound of Music
Fun and Fancy Free
Harriet the Spy
101 Dalmations
Lady and the Tramp

Sleeping Beauty
Jungle Book
Cinderella II
Aladdin and the King of Thieves

And these few DVDs

the Bourne Supremacy
Matrix Reloaded
The Lost Boys
The NeverEnding Story II

Anyway, if anyone is interested at all I’d love to do a trade. Very little negotiation involved. you can pm me or just post here. I’ll mark them off as they go (if they go) or I’ll post that it’s all gone or end the whole thing and dump them off at goodwill so they will help someone.

Oh, btw, all of the disney movies are from when I was a child! I’m 22 and these are the old clamshells. The only bummer is they were in my parents house for years and they smoke so these don’t look so nice on the cover and smell like smoke. I might be able to purge this but i’m not sure. lol

I hope you are able to sell some of them, but our local Goodwill won’t even take VHS tapes anymore as they say there is no market for them.

lol, i hear them! I haven’t even heard of anyone buying one on purpose in a long time. Except maybe for children. idk, I thought maybe I would find some people who still use them. lol

I don’t know, I mean, they take up more room, but they don’t break as easy and the brick like shape deters younger siblings (or children) from using them like frisbees… :teehee:

You have a couple I’d be interested in, but we don’t even have a TV. LOL I hope you can find someone who wants them. :heart:

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Duessa, I think my daughter has a VHS player for our Granddaughter, will check with her this evening and get back to you… I have lots of unused, straight needles in various sizes and way too much yarn stash. What sizes of needles and what yarns are you needing???

I actually have so much yarn (red and green). I have a big envelope sitting in my room and I can put 3-4 skein in there. I can send them to you for free.

let me know…thanks!

LOL, you are all so GREAT! I have 6,8,10 of straights and 10.5 of circs and DPNS. I want to make hats for some guys for christmas so circs and DPNS are very important. In the yarn anything is good. I have a bit of “froo froo” stuff, as my DBF calls it, here but I would love any nice yarn, acrylic or not, that is sort of “manly” or just anything. One of the things I want to do is in red and black. I don’t have either! lol

You are all so great! Thanks so much for the interest and these will be around as long as anyone shows interest. The Disney movies were mine when I was small and I really loved them. They should go to someone else who will love them as much as I did!

I prefer tapes over DVD’s any day. My husband is a DVD person LOL.


I will be sending out completed trades in the next day or two! Sorry it took so long!

New update! I have traded for an entire set of interchangeables SO what I REALLY need is now DPNS and YARN! lol What I need in the yarn is some nice not too girly yarn. I guess I’m saying less frills and fluff. Colors? well, I want to make a black and white hat, a black and red hat, and the others… Well, the hats are mostly for guys so some manly blues and greens and stuff I guess. I also need a nice pink. Not magenta pink, a nice girly pink. I am not real sure what I’m making with it yet, probably a cowl or helmet liner. What I’m saying is feel free to destash on me so i can make christmas presents!

ALSO! if you have wanted to make a trade with me but haven’t set anything in stone then PLEASE email me! aswelch27@gmail.com. I check all the time and want to get this stuff swapped! I hadn’t realized how unorganized I had been about this. Classes just started so that is the problem and I apologize.

wrap up:
I don’t need circs
I need DPNs for hats and armwarmers and maybe socks
I need YARN! Destash to your hearts content
colors: manly blues and greens, a nice girly pink, and anything else!

Are you still looking for yarn? I have some Red Heart yarn I can send you for free. Let me know what colors you want.