Hope's Cabled Bib

I finished yet another bib for my niece Hope. I think I like this bib the best so far. TOO CUTE!!!

I printed that out the other day! Is it fairly easy?


Is there a pattern link?


that is very cute.

Very easy. I had to learn the provisional cast on (video on here). The other was knit, purl, cable and a little shaping.

Sorry GinnyG, I was being lazy and didn’t post. I also used size 6 needles and Rowan Handknit Cotton.

I printed the pattern out, looks like a great opportunity to learn provisional cast on AND short rows!!!

I just happen to have my FIRST GRANDCHILD due in 6 weeks:happydance:

If you find Amy’s way of doing provisional CO too complicated you can do this one. It’s the one I usually use although one of these days I WILL learn Amy’s! :teehee:


That is plenty of time, it took me 2 days and it really should have taken 1. I am a slow knitter, so that’s saying something.

Great pattern!! Love it!

Nice job. I like the yellow.
I’ve made this bib too. I like the cables. Mine was in lime green.

That’s really cute!

That’s a GREAT bib, I added it to my queue

:happydance: Very cute!

Cute! Cute! Cute!

What a lovely bib ! the colour is amazing!