Hopefully.. this means that I am finished w/ my baby gift knitting

At least for awhile. This is the lace baby hat pattern from the book: [U]ONE SKEIN [/U]This is for a ‘girl to be born’ in March- so, I’ll send it now. I made it for the baby’s first fall/winter- since, no baby born in Oklahoma… will have a need for a hat during the hot summer. :wink: *Yes, if you looked at my baby mitts that I also made this weekend - you might think that this yarn looks a little familiar? (both gifts from the yarn were knitted for different babies) I did use the same yarn for both gifts. I was able to knit both gifts (mitts and this hat) from one 50gram skein of yarn. I had about a yard of yarn left.

Here ya go… It’s hard to take a photo at night in my apartment… not enough well lit areas.
The first photo shows the most accurate colors…

The second photo shows the stitches better.

Very pretty - I’m gonna have to get me that book!

Laptop… it’s a very useful book. I have many knitting books and most of them I’ve never knit anything out of them (which is something I’m going to work on changing) and I do go to this book a lot- when I need to make a gift/etc.

I haven’t found any mistakes- that’s not to say that there aren’t in the patterns- but, the patterns that I’ve opted to knit have been problem free.

That turned out very pretty!!! :muah:

That’s lovely - the colors are just beautiful!


That’s very nice! And well done on figuring the amount of yarn necessary!

:thumbsup: Great job!!

Oh how cute!

[CENTER][B]How pretty![/B]
Hey, you never know about the baby thing. Another one may come along when you least expect it, so hang on to that soft baby yarn!
:thumbsup: [/CENTER]

Lovely hat. Some lucky baby is going to enjoy that in the spring! Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks everybody… it’s so nice to post a photo-- go to bed (I’m 17 time zones away from the states) wake up to many postings. :yay: :cheering:

I have 9 more skeins of this yarn… I got a package of it on sale last year and it knits up beautifully… no splitting, etc. Easy care because it’s 50% wool and 50% acrylic and machine wash.

Perfect baby knitting yarn… so, I might be making almost every baby gift w/ this yarn. The other color of it that I have is white, pink, and some greys. So, I guess that could be the ‘boy color?’ :roflhard: And this one is the girl color? With white, turquoise, and purples.:teehee: