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ok, still going with the questions, but I am determined here!!

I now know how to do a slipknot, chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet… are there any more stitches to learn or are these the basic stitches that I will use throughout the patterns…

I have been reading alot of posts about a magic ring… what is that and how do I do it??

There’s treble, half double treble (or something like that), but if you have up to double figured out the rest are easy to figure out.

And you accidentally had crab stitch :wink:

Everything else builds off those in how you group them. Or they explain them (like a Bean stitch has 6 wraps that you pull through at once like a HDC).

I know magic ring but I have a case of CRS at the moment :slight_smile:
It’s a ring for like granny squares except it’s not joined like a normal chain ring and you pull it tight after the fact so the center hole is small.
I think it’s just a loop of yarn that you stitch into and then pull tight, but like I said, I have CRS at the moment.

[COLOR="#300090"]You have most of the base stitches listed; here is a list off the top of my head.

Crochet stitches:

Slip knot,
sl st—Slip stitch: used to join in the round
(I think it looks similar to a duplicate stitch in knit)

[B][U]Base stitches[/U][/B]: (In order of increasing height)

  1. SC—Single Crochet
  2. HDC—Half-Double Crochet (1 YO to start)
  3. DC—Double Crochet (1 YO to start)
  4. Tr—Treble Crochet (2 YO to start)
  5. DTr—Double Treble Crochet (3 YO to start)
  6. TrTr—Triple Treble Crochet (4 YO to start)

The numbers show the number of chains needed to rise to the height of the stitch (such as in a turning chain).

[B][U]Fancy Stitches[/U][/B]:
([B][U]as listed on NexStitch[/U][/B])

Back Cross Stitch
Bobble Stitch
Bullion Stitch
Cluster Stitch
Double Sol. Knot
Front/Back Loops
Front/Back Posts
Front Cross Stitch
Loop Stitch
Picot Stitch
Popcorn Stitch
Puff Stitch
Shell Stitch
Solomon’s Knot
Spike Stitch
Unentangled CS
V Stitch

If you find a pattern that uses these or perhaps other fancy stitches, then the pattern should also tell you how to do the stitch.

[[B][U]Magic ring or magic loop[/U][/B]](http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Cottage/3606/knowhow1.html#Beginning a ring with a loop)* (*crochet version) are for in the round.
That is a link to Daphine’s Tutorial page which has drawings and instuctions for the magic ring.
[B][U]The Magic Adjustable Ring: A Better Way to Begin Crochet in the Round[/U][/B] by Donna Hulka at CrochetMe.com has nice illustrattive photos.


Hey Craftymomma…don’t let this be your last question…LOL! Isn’t crochet fun? I’ve only been crocheting for about 4 months now, but there are some great youtube videos out there…I’ll try and do a link, but if it fails, go to youtube and type in magic ring circle crochet…there is a gal named Teresa that has made over 200 crochet videos and I’ve learned a lot from her!

Happy Crocheting!
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[SIZE=4][I]Hey Craftymomma!
Are you on Ravelry? I found a really great pattern for a baby washcloth…it’s adorable and easy! I’ll try and post a link!
It’s called, “Oh So Soft Baby Washcloth”!

I made one last night and started another one!
Let me know what you think!
Merry :)[/I][/SIZE]