Hopefully not an obvious answer

When this pattern

says to place the sts on a stitch holder, do i cut the live yarn? i’m not sure what i would do otherwise but i just wanted to make sure i’m supposed to cut it.

thanks in advance!

Nope, don’t cut it. The pattern doesn’t say to so you don’t.
The next step is to cast on a certain amount of stitches, you do that with the backwards loop cast on with the live yarn.
You’ll be coming back to finish the sleeve stitches later that’s where the sts on the needle are to be used.

I might be missing something here, but my inclination is that you would cut the yarn when placing the stitches on the holders. You’ll be placing stitches on holders for the L front, R front, back and sleeves, so that seems a lot of pieces to have live yarn dangling from.

The pattern goes on to say -
With RS facing, place sts from holders back onto needle in the following order: Right Front, Sleeve, Back, Sleeve, Left Front - 151 (163, 171, 183, 195) sts.
Row 1 (RS): Keeping 4 sts for front bands in Seed st, knit 1 row dec 3 (5, 3, 5 7) sts evenly spaced across row - 148 (158, 168, 178, 188) sts.
Row 2: Purl.

  • so I would say to just leave intact the yarn from the Left Front as you’ll be able to use that one as you proceed with row 1.

I couldn’t see where you have to cast on a certain number of stitches.

You probably should cut because you’re going to knit all the different pieces then knit them together for the Yoke. You could probably not cut the Right front because that’s the piece you’ll start knitting on when you start the yoke.

thanks so much guys!

RIGHT front! Thanks, Suzeeq - I was getting my lefts and rights mixed up! :doh: