"Hopeful" sweater pattern supporting cancer resear

Hey everyone, I saw this posted over on craftster.org and thought I would share it here (I don’t think anyone has posted it yet).

This is such a cute sweater, and she’s donating 120% of the cost to breast cancer research. I’m going to buy mine now!


I really love this top! I checked out her website, but couldn’t find out what size needles and what type of yarn it requires. I have been really frustrated latley with small needles and SKINNY yarn! :frog:

Does anyone know what this needs?

I don’t see it either, but I just ordered the pattern so once I get it I can let you know!

Thanks! Did I understand correctly that she will email you the pattern? That is awesome if thats how it works, because I hate waiting for the mailman!!!

I love Jenna :inlove:

Yep, it comes via email.

amp926, she uses size 6 needles and DK weight yarn. The pattern uses Rowan Wool Cotton, but she gives some suggestions for substitutes.

Thanks Mer! I have a few things that I want to finish first and I don’t really have any yarn on hand that I would want to use for this… and if I buy anymore DH is going to KILL me! :crying:

Let me know how it goes! Be sure to post pics! Hopefully I can use some of my stash up and justify buying the pattern and the yarn!