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If a pattern calls for 32 inch size3 circ needles (which I don’t have), is it better to go up or down? I have 29 inch size 3 needles.
It’s an item being knit in the round.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Twenty-nine inch in place of 32 inch should work fine. Basically, you don’t want the sts too crowded because it’ll be difficult to work the sts but if ther’re too stretched out, it’s difiicult too.
What are you making?

Woobie Lamb :mrgreen:

Oh, that should be adorable. Have fun knitting it.
Jan recently posted a woobie zebra.

Oh cute!! I have the e-book so I’ll probably do the lamb eventually. :thumbsup:

Like Salmonac said I just made the zebra! I used the yarn called for in my pattern (Cascade 220 sport) and the pattern called for a 32". I used a 40" because I prefer to do magic loop so I didn’t have to change needle size or switch to DPN till I got to the head. If you prefer not to do ML then the 29 would probably be fine.

Thank you Jan! I’ve never used the magic loop method…maybe I should try it!

I did use DPN on the head because it was so small and it made the designer’s directions make more sense if I was using the same needles.

I like ML because there’s no switching or adding needles to things like the top of a hat when you’re decreasing. One set of needles does the whole thing. :thumbsup: I did learn on DPN and then I went to 2 circs, but now it’s ML all the way. Give it a try and if you prefer another method for this or in general that’s perfectly fine. They all work.