Hope Scarf

Hey Ya’ll!
I want to share a new pattern that I have recently put online,
Hope Scarf that I designed and knit for our Julie (jberry) for Pay It Forward Exchange that we have been participating in!
I’m afraid it’s not suitable for this time of year, but will be warm when it gets cold, LOL!
It’s a fun, easy & quick knit with bulky yarn - good for anyone who is already getting started on holiday knitting! [SIZE=“1”](fyi, click on photo to enlarge it)[/SIZE]

It looks beautiful. Love the color too.

:yay: Very pretty!!

Love it! How does the reverse side look like?

Thanks, ya’ll are too sweet!
As for the reverse, I’m afraid I don’t have a photo, it’s pretty much like the reverse of any cable scarf, I guess, sorry. It you are asking if it’s cabled on both sides, no, not this one, that’s usually a cable/ribbing technique (as much as I know about cabling patterns, anyway) and I didn’t do this scarf in that way.

Very pretty–made a copy and plan on using it when I get “caught up”. Thanks for sharing.


That’s really pretty! :thumbsup:


That is really pretty! Those cables look wonderful!

verrrrrry nice… :cheering:

Very nice, I’ll be adding it to the list. Thanks.

OH My, ya’ll certainly know how to make a girl feel nice! You have made my day! Thanks so much for all of your kind words :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for all of your kind, sweet remarks, ya’ll are just wonderful!
A friend asked me if I could make the scarf a bit wider, without adding anymore detail and a quick fix I just added a few more sts, anyway, the addendum is in the pattern which is found here. This adds just a few sts and I’ve not knit it (Hope II), but I’m sure the look will be very similar. Anyway, I just wanted to let ya’ll know in case anyone else had the same thought.

That is very nice! I like the single cable design, it makes it suitable for men or women! It’s a keeper!