I just got my Boye NeedleMaster set from Michaels and I got the best BUY!
Today Michaels is having a 50% off coupon, so my total price on the NeedleMaster set was…$37.44 including tax!!!
Regularly $69.99…I’m sooo excited I had to share!!!

Wow, Go Beth! That’s awesome!!! I got my set from Michaels, too. Even their full price wasn’t bad. Maybe I could have saved a couple bucks had I gone online for them, but this way I didn’t have to wait for shipping!

YOU got a STEAL though! Congrats!!!

Tip: I use a circle cut out from a pair of yellow dish-washing gloves, to replace the grip they give you in the kit. It grips much better, so you can easily tighten the needles properly, and you’ll never ever have them get loose on you, which is the only complaint I ever hear about this set.

Enjoy your set!

Oh man! That is a FABULOUS buy! I just paid 70. for mine. I called my 2 Joanne store’s and they didn’t have them. Well, they said they didn’t. But I probably should have gone and looked myself…

What a steal :!: Your gonna love 'em, I just know it. Let us know how you do too I’d like to hear all about it myself. :smiley:

I just opened my kit last night and started my 2nd project. The same scarf as my 1st. ( I thought i’d practice my knit & purl , k2, p2 sts. again.)
Boy, what a difference a needle makes!!!
They’re light and slick and I just love 'em. I was up till after 1 am knitting. Man, I was Gonnnne… and after my cup o coffee and a looksy around here, i’m plopin down in my lazy boy and i’m gonna be Gone again…

Even though I didn’t get the great deal you did I don’t feel too bad, I love these things!