I’ll explain… I’ve just come back from a clothes shop, (my Dad has been down and asked what I wanted for my birthday and I asked for a pair of jeans as my others are ‘snug’). I usually wear a size 6UK, but trying on that size they were too small! So were the size 8. I’ve got a new pair of jeans in a size 10!

I’m thrilled I’m a size 10!!! :cheering: Size 12 here I come!

Thank you for sharing my joy!

:yay: Good for you! I know you were trying to gain weight so you must have done well! :thumbsup:

:cheering: :hug: :heart: :woohoo:

:cheering: Good for you! I need to gain a bit of weight too and I know it’s not as easy as it sounds! :thumbsup:

Go Ellie! It’s great that your weight gaining program is working :thumbsup:

Great News Ellie . :slight_smile: Well done!!

Good for you. It makes such a change to hear someone is happy to gain weight.

Good for you Ellie. Happy Birthday!:hug::heart:

Good for you Ellie! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Thanks everyone, the lady behind the counter was very surprised at my reaction to going up a couple of sizes. Trick is now to keep it there. I know when I put I wanted to put on weight here I was advised to stay away from sweets and crisps etc, but they have helped. Don’t you just love ‘Haribo’?!

And thanks, I had a lovely birthday.

wow, you can happily have some of my weight hehe.

thats great though, i had problems keeping weight on before i had my son. its damn hard isn’t it? good going

gald you had such a lovley birthday though


Well done for managing to put some weight on! :cheering: I hope I’m as successful getting mine off!

good for you! :slight_smile: that’s grrreat!