HOORAY! My latest Ebay buy!

I’m SOOOO EXCITED! It’s THE one I wanted, and at half the price! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:


oooooooo… Thats pretty! Great find Silver

:cheering: thats wonderful Silver!!

WOW! 35 bucks! GREAT snag!!!

Oh you lucky girl! THat’s awesome!

Awww, silver, that’s SO sweet of you. I didn’t even realize that you knew when my birthday was coming up! I’ll promise to act surprised when I get it in the mail!!!

:rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

Deni Louise…you DO realize that’s NEVER gonna work…no matter HOW many times you try… :frowning:


KK, but it never HURTS to try, does it??? [size=1]my birthday is oct 8, silver :)[/size]

Yes, Im afraid it DOES, Denise! :fingerwag:

[size=1]Especially since MY birthday is October 24, pretty close to yours, and Sil needs to be saving up for MY pressies!![/size]

Kelly just wants to be first on everyone’s list, that’s all. Doesn’t like the competition!

those Jordana Paige bags are awesome. she started our local SnB, and I keep saying one of these days I’ll go so I can tell her how neat her bags are. congratulations, Silver!!! :happydance: :cheering: :heart:

I’m so sorry to disappoint you all. But my son’s birthday is next saturday. I bought it for HIM, of course, but he already said I could use it.

He’s such a sweetheart. :heart:

Ingrid, I don’t know WHY KK wants to be at the top of the list, she can see that my birthday is BEFORE hers. And mine is a milestone, the big 25. I deserve a Jordana Paige bag!

Silver, your son said I could borrow it for my birthday, too! hehe.

Im gonna be 35. :shock: You’ll be on this earth longer than I will…Ill leave it to you in my will. :thumbsup:

If I had given my son a bag for his birthday, he’d have given it back to me, too! :rofling:

And you’re only 14 days younger than my daughter!

Surrre you will!

Hey Dee - we’ll have to have a bd party together - mine is October 11th! YAY LIBRA WOMENS!




(of course I’m gonna be really old … 46 :shock:

Libras RULE!!! Glad I have your address, hehe. Keep an eye out on the mailbox, my libra sista.

I finally received the purse! The seller was a bit slow about shipping, but it did finally get here today and it’s wonderful! The red is much darker than it looks on the website, which I really like. It’s more like a cranberry or burgundy. Very pretty! :heart: :heart:

I’m off to load it up! :slight_smile: