Hooray! i'm done!

hooray! i’m done with my stola


That is gorgeous!!! Congratulations on such beautiful knitting.

Wow that is lovely!! It looks really elegant.

That piece is so pretty. I love yellow! :cheering:

It is just lovely and the work is perfect

That’s your own design? Wow! Very nice.

WOW! That stola is beautiful! :thumbsup:

Beautiful work

Wow it’s lovely and such a lot detail!! Well done you x

It is absolutely beautiful! I’m so impressed with your design, as well as your lovely knitting.

Lovely design and knitting!

Wow! It’s simply gorgeous!! Congrats on finishing such a beautiful project!

thank you to all for the nice comments.:happydance: i’ll give a free pattern on my stola soon. right now i’m working on that…

You did a beautiful job!

That is absolutely stunning!

WOW!!!Your stola is so…BEAUTIFUL! I :heart: it.
You did a great job!!:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
I will make one for my Mommy with your pattern.

english is not my native language. if you don’t undestand something, don’t hesitate to ask me

good luck


Very pretty and thank you for the pattern :happydance:

Hey Yelena!!ThankYou so much for the pattern.:hug::hug:
Visited your blog, the pattern :heart: is very nicely written with easy to follow instructions and clear step by step pictures and charts.Perfect!!:cheering:Can’t wait to start that stola.
Will start the stola after finishing baby sweaters on my needles currently.Will post the pics too.
Dewdrops :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, Dewdrops!:knitting: