Hooray for Spring!

It’s finally getting warm enough so I can take my knitting out on the porch, in the early morning with a nice cup of tea. Just me and the birds. It doesn’t get much better than that! :cheering:

I can imagine one quiet warm morning with
a cup of tea and birds and knitting…
Sounds great.

In my case, I still have to wait a few more weeks.
It is still cold in the morning here in Italy. :pout:


We moved to an area last year that has lots of trees, and I’ve never heard such a beautiful morning sound as all of the birds…it sounds like a rain forest right in my backyard! And I’m not a morning person, but it really makes it worth getting up in the morning. :teehee: I never used to be one to sit in the backyard in the morning because there wasn’t much to appreciate (again, remember I’m not a morning person!), but I’ve come to do that since moving here because of the birds. They really started singing in full force on the very first day of spring…like they knew!

Thanks for posting and sharing! All of that chirping in the morning really makes my whole day!

Summer’s over… autumn’s cold but not enough to need knitted things often. But winter’s only a couple of months away and you know what that means… yes that’s right scarves, hats and mitts woo hoo!


Ah, you’re all so lucky. We just got two inches of snow today. No spring here for at least a few more weeks. :pout:

I enjoy spring too b/c down here in the deep south it gets hot as Hades down here…
right now I like to open all my windows and blinds and let the fresh air in and listen to the birdies, squirrels, and dogs bark… Then I get to watch my cats stalk the squirrels through the window glass :rofl: