HOORAY and eh?

I just finished the back of my first sweater!!! Its newborn size but I’m sure it’s too small - but I’m gonna finish it anyway as its just a practice one really.

At the end of the pattern for the back it says:

 Leave these sts on a stitch holder.

Because I haven’t bound off yet the last stitch is quite loose so I’m worried that its all gonna unravel.
I need the rest of the ball to knit the rest of the sweater so I have to cut it off somewhere. If I just leave a long tail will it be OK?

Or is there something else I need to do to make it safe?

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I would just leave the tail long enough so it won’t pull through the stitch. If you are very worried about it you could tie the very end to a stitch marker or knot it and then pin it to the work carefully (preferrably with a knitting safety pin). When you go to knit again just cut the knot part off.

BTW, I’ve never had a problem with anything unraveling while the stitches are on a holder so unless you cut it too short you’re probably fine.

That stitch is loose because there’s nothing holding it. Jan’s right–leave a tail and it will be fine. It won’t go anywhere.