Hook Rings? Help!

[CENTER] I’m not sure what they’re called & I need your help!

I’m currently crocheting earrings & I need the metal rings to crochet around to make circular earrings. I read somewhere that they were called “hook rings”, but I can’t seem to find anything online by that name.

Does anyone know what they’re called & where I can get some?

There isn’t a JoAnn’s near me & Michael’s didn’t have any. :shrug: :whoosh:


Maybe jump rings? They come in a variety of sizes and weights. Would hoop earrings, already made as earrings be easier to use?

I know they’re not the jump rings, I have a ton of those. The ones I’m talking about look like a slightly smaller version of bangle bracelets. They are about 2" in diameter.

Do you mean something similar to this? http://www.consumercrafts.com/store/details/catalog/jewelry-findings-earrings/1880-39 I guess those are about 1.25".

They are similar to those except there’s no hook or anything, it’s just a solid ring.

I saw something at Walmart earlier and took a picture to show you but that wasn’t what you want. Look here: https://www.nocbay.com/prodDetails.asp?ID=314&link=207

ETA I Googled “hoop” and maybe that’s what you were trying to think of rather than “hook”?

Yes!!! Oh man! Thank you so much!! I tried searching for “metal hoops” before but nothing ever came up. I’m very excited. Thank youuuuuu. :woohoo: :inlove: :muah: :cheering: :woot: :yay:

Glad I could help. Sometimes it just takes people talking about it figure it out. Have fun!

[CENTER]Here are the 2 I just finished making!


Do you sell them? If so, how much?


how about trying them in very fine wire? they’ld be amazing in silver.