I started knitting a hoodie a year ago and while most of it is complete, I redid the hood (lots of work: 4 balls of 8 ply). It’s now being sewn up and not before time as winter is now here. I’ll post a pic soon!

And here’s a photo - sorry, it’s a dark yarn.

Here’s another photo …

It looks perfect!

Excellent all around, David! So satisfying to finish up a project and it looks fabulous. As you say, perfect timing.

i must say it’s a bit monastic looking but VERY cosy !

Impressive! That’ll keep you warm for sure. Good job!

It looks terrific and a great color for a man!

Oh, nice one, David. It does look very cosy, and I love the color, which looks great on you. Of course, that’s such an all around good color; it looks kinda like a blue jean color to me. Is that close to the shade of blue?

I can’t see the stitches very well, but the seams look perfect!

Antares - thanks. Yes it’s fairly close but if you look at the blue in sunlight there are hints of purple and green. The whole things is miles of stocking stitch … took about 20 balls of 50g 8 ply.

You did very well…again. You really do such lovely work, David. Enjoy wearing it. Cozy was the thought that came to my mind, cozy and comfy. Monastic? I guess I see what you mean. It looks good on you.

What a marvelous sweater David! :yay:

Hey there Miss Charlotte, it’s VERY cosy and I’m enjoying this Sydney winter so I can actually wear it.

I’m actually thinking I might attach a toggle button to bring it closed up the nect a bit higher. Thought about a small zip and then thought - nah, too fiddly.

Very good job! Looks so comfortable!!

I always love to see your work, David! This is a marvelous hoodie! You look great!

I agree, hoods can be very pesky. I’ve knit many a hood by the directions, and they turn out to be awful.
I’ve started NOT to rely on the pattern directions.

One of my by-the-book hoods one time made me look like a monk or friar. Not good. I reworked that doggone hood so many times I went nearly insane. And of course, the hoods are almost the last thing to be knit, so you’re already invested in the garment!

I knit one garment with a hood, with a different hood, without a hood, with a collar, with a different collar…etc. Get the picture? And that coat is still sitting in pieces, unseamed for the second time. Gah!

Hey ArtLady - thanks for your kind words - ya just gotta love to knit. Especially when knitting for men … where the amount of yarn is enormous!

I’ve just purchased some gorgeous 4 ply and plan (I say plan) to knit something for my wee nephew.

Bloody Nora if the 6 balls of coloured 4 ply didn’t come with a free pattern book: “Caressa Express” by Patons, 17 gorgeous styles for women.

Here’s what I think I’ll knit for my sister Heather from the free Pattern book I got

And here’s the pattern book’s cover … love it all!!

It’s really an adorable little jacket, David! Very stylish, very wearable for any occasion IMO! The pattern stitch is nice for a design that’s simple lines.

The challenge will arrive when you’re working the decreases along the armhole edges. Patterns usually ask us to “maintain pattern stitch” as best you can as stitches disappear.

Unless there is no armhole shaping, and the sides go straight up…you’ll have armhole shaping “in pattern” facing you. In studying the photo, there is something unusual going on where the sleeves join to the upper body! It’s interesting looking!

No wonder they gave me this pattern book free - the damned yarn is discontinued! In phoned Australian Country Spinners (they have Patons, Cleckheaton and Panda) they helpfully suggested trying Panda Vervale as a “pretty good substitute”. This is fair enough, some yarns come and go, others remain for years (Bluebell springs to mind).

If anyone is interested in more info about the patterns just PM me, I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.