My grandson picked the hoodie , Looking at a glance gran said yes , now at i have done back, fronts,sleeves and the hood, Guess want i could of look better and said no.
however i didn’t , Do i have to put it together

before doing the hood, i sending want the pattern is asking me to do


Very nice hoodie.
Are you asking about putting the hood together? The cast off sts at the top of the hood are seamed to the sides of that long strip in the center. It’s 24sts for the smallest size. Then you’ll have a hood shape. Pick up sts around the edge starting at the cast on edge, knitting across the held sts and finally down to the cast on edge again.
If that doesn’t make sense, I can try to draw a diagram. What is the name of the pattern?


King cole 4924 double knit.



Very nice!


It would be helpful if you could me a draw a diagram. the pattern is, . King Cole 4924 double knit. thank you for all your help.


Do I have to sew the hoodie together before doing the boarder of the hood


Yes, seam the two sides to the long center strip before picking up sts.