Hoodie Pattern Help

I’m trying to knit a hoodie (a jacket with a hood). The pattern is
in stockinette stitch. My problem is when I try increasing on the
body, I don’t understand what rows I am supposed to be working a
certain number of times. For example, when it says “work 5 rows
even”, or “Repeat last 6 rows twice more”, what rows are they talking
about? If you do the math, when I do the INC ROW, I am adding two
stitches in that row. That means, in order to start with 37 stitches
and end up with 43 stitches, I am doing the INC ROW only 3 times.
Here is the knitting pattern:

37 stitches remaining

Next row: with 2 strands of MC, k1 row, p1 row. INC ROW: k1, M1, k
across, ending M1, K1. Work 5 rows even. Rep last 6 rows twice more
=43 stitches remaining.

This pattern is called True Colors Zip-up and is in the book “Hip
Knits: 65 easy projects from hot designers” by Better Homes and
Gardens. If you guys can help me figure it out, I’d deeply
appreciate it. If you need more info on the pattern, please let me


Yep, you’re right. Looks like a nice even increase to me.

Starting at 37 stitches

k1 row
p1 row
(1)INC ROW (by the end of this row you have 39 stitches)
(2) (p1 row)
(3) (k1 row)
(4) (p1 row)
(5) (k1 row)
(6) (p1 row)(still 39 stitches)

INC ROW (by the end of this row you have 41 stitches)
Work 5 rows even…(p1 row, k1 row like above)
(still 41 stitches)
INC ROW (by the end of this row you have 43 stitches)
Work 5 rows even. (p1 row, k1 row like above)
(43 stitches)