Hooded sweatshirt confusion

I am knitting a hooded sweatshirt. I picked up the stitches around the neck starting on the right and leaving about 14 open stitches at the center front. I have knitting the hood about 12 inches and now the directions say to divide the stitches between two needles and do a 3 needle bind off. I am confused.

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It sounds like you’re at the top of the hood and need to seam the stitches that are on the needle to complete the shaping. Put half the stitches on another needle, align the stitches by holding the two needles together and use 3 needle bind off to make a very neat, strong seam along the top.

If you start the bind off at the edges and work to the center, the tail of yarn will wind up at the peak of the hood where it’s easier to weave in invisisbly.

Make sure the right sides are facing when you do the 3-needle bind off. :thumbsup:

Thanks. I’ve finished the hood,but now have another problem. The pattern says to sew the rib/roll Front of the hood at the center neck, overlapping the center fronts. However, there is an opening of 14 bound off stitches at the center of the Front of the body. So, again I am confused. Please help…

Can you post a link to the pattern or even the pattern name?
It sounds like maybe you knit the hood and then pick up sts around the edge (framing the face) and knit a ribbing. The edges of that ribbing would then be overlapped and sewn down to the 14st space in the front. Sew one side of the ribbing down and then stitch the second side on top of that. This is all a bit of guesswork however.

The pattern is can be found at Lion Brand http://www.lionbrand.com/
The pattern #60129AD.

Thanks again.

Thank you for the link. Yes, the rib/roll gets overlapped and sewn down to those center 14sts. It’s not very clearly shown in the picture but that’s the idea.

I did have a giggle over the directions:
"Sew rib/roll Front at center neck, overlapping center fronts ([I]left over right for male; right over left for female[/I])."
Who knew there was a way to overlap the edges that was gender specific? Very sweet pattern, btw.

That is kinda funny, the way it’s worded.

I think this might be the correct link.

Who knew there was a way to overlap the edges that was gender specific? Very sweet pattern, btw.

There always has been, look at men’s shirts and womens blouses - the buttons are on different sides.

Thanks so very much for the help. This site is a find!