Hooded Sweater

I am looking for a simple knit (or even crochet) button up or zip up sweater. I am not a real excellent knitter but if you know of any simple free patterns please let me know. I have one pattern that I like to crochet but it is not big enough as I need something in a size three kids.

Welcome to the forum, MommaG! This is the best place EVER for knitters.

As far as patterns go, Knitting Pattern Central (also known as KPC on this forum) has loads of free patterns. I’d start there if I were you. And if you find one that you like, but you aren’t 100% sure what to do with it, someone here will know what to do. Feel free to post as many questions as you like!

The WONDERFUL WALLABY is a pattern you buy at your LYS that is a pull over hooded sweatshirt. It is a very easy pattern (I am halfway through) intended for the “novice”.

Thanks guys I am going to go with http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/kwet-CsweaterJacket.html It looks fairly easy I am sure I will have questions but from my experience with this site in the month or so that I have been checking things out someone will answer it fairly quickly.