Hooded Sweater that zips up the back

I would like to knit a hooded baby sweater that zips up the back. Searching the net I have found 3 that have possibilities. The only problem in ALL of them is that there is NO DETAIL on installing the zipper. Most just give one sentence that says "sew it in."
Well as much as I would like to believe it was that easy, I know better.
Does anyone have prior knowledge and could give me some instruction as how to accomplish this. Or even if you have a pattern that you have use and could pass it on.
Mike Petersen
Just another guy who knits

Craftster has lots of tutorials for sewing etc. and tutes on adding zips. For the baby jumper you could steek it: research steeks, Eunny has a few good posts on them, add a few extra stitches down the back and cut. This also means you can knit it in the round.
Knitting patterns will rarely have finishing details but they are on the net in non-knitting posts.

no help for you, but the zip up the back is an EXCELLENT idea!

Thanks Redwitch, For some unkown reason I hadn’t thought of doing it that way. I have herd and read about it but never done it myself. I guess this is going to be a first.
again thanks to you both.
Mike Petersen
Just another guy who knits.